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Khia, Outside Time, My Man Cave, and Grooming Torture

I almost completely forgot to tell you about our backyard adventure that happened before the park adventure!

It all started with this:

A gloomy Khia. 223 more words

Another Park Adventure

Man…everyone has been in such a funk since last week. Mom has been sick with some disgusting combination of strep and bronchitis. You should hear her hacking every night. 276 more words

Happy Birthday, Khia!

Hi, friends!

Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday and I couldn’t wait another second to say:

Khia Under the Covers

I don’t like it. Nope. I don’t like it one bit!

As soon as Dad throws her blanky over her at night, I go bonkers. I HAVE to be able to see her. 65 more words

Update on Mom's Disappointment In Me, Bare-Butt the Chicken, and Vet

Good evening, friends that I have from all over the world! (Roll Call!)

After I logged off last night, I put in some serious work to get back into Mom’s good graces. 300 more words

Happy Friday!

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday!!!

Mom has taken quite a few pics and even some video so I asked her if we could put them on here to show my friends. 212 more words

Not so much

I recently felt Kris Jenner’s PAIN when my lips decided to POP off. They popped off, I popped benny & still have no fucking clue why my lips went cray. 20 more words