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Khia is Back At it! Disses Beyonce & Serena Williams

Khia doesn’t seem to be a fan of Beyonce’s Latest Project “Lemonade” Check it out…. 7 more words


Khia Bear - 1 Year Anniversary

April 17th was 1 year since my Khia left me. Like with Mya, I had to wait to write about it until the time was right. 1,037 more words

...and a Birthday.

I’m just gonna get this all out of the way.

Today would have been Khia’s 10th birthday!

Happy birthday in heaven to my best friend <3

New Single : Cherry Pie / New Album : Queendom Cum - Khia

Khia’s “Cherry Pie” is really worthwhile to taste!

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You can be involved in the upcoming video for this Single and the Single is available at her New Album “Queendom Cum”. 15 more words


The wisdom of pop songs - Sex

The human condition explained in three-minute bursts

Sex. The very essence of rock, pop, soul and r’n’b music. Along with its more reserved sister, Love, it accounts for approximately 99.9% of all song lyrics. 799 more words


A Proposition: Neck Back Knit

You Need To See This NSFW Banjo Version Of 'My Neck, My Back'

So, remember when Khia was selling her exclusive appearances to perform her salacious hit “My Neck, My Back” at your local cookout? It really warmed the hearts of thousands of Khia fans who just wanted to know she was okay, and would be spreading joy with the best instructional sex song since “Do Me, Baby.” 116 more words