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Queen Khia: GAG ORDER (Season 1/Ep. 5) [PART 1 & 2]

Queen Khia went live on Instagram last night for her show the Gag Order and her Instagram page got shut down last night. You can see the Gag Order Show over on Youtube if you missed it last night! 20 more words

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What did you think of the new "Queens Supreme Court?" Do you miss Khia?

TS Madison kicked off the return of her online show “The Queens Supreme Court” with two new judges who are filing the rotating seats this week. 30 more words

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WATCH: #Khia's #GagOrder ep 3-19-18 [full ep]

Khia is still here with the latest episode of  ‘GAG ORDER’!


Queens Courts downfall

In the year of 2017, A Transgender woman by the name of TS Madison and 90’s rapper Khia Shamone came together to form “The Queens Court”. 479 more words


The Queens Court - An opinion😭☹️

Many people know ‘The Queens Court’, a popular YouTube show which focused on roasting celebrities and anyone who they chose to put on their dockets. Two women who were judge and jury came together to create a show which lit YouTube on fire because of the very blunt and comical personality that belonged to Khia ‘Thug Misses’ and the sweet, yet undercover shady personality that belong to T.S. 422 more words


Khia, Joe Budden, self-sabotage, and keeping it real

Question: What do Khia and Joe Budden have in common?

The answer is: quite a lot. They are both rappers. They are both one-hit wonders, … 2,253 more words

Nicki Minaj Offered Khia & TS Madison A TV Deal?

Nicki Minaj out here offering tv deals to Khia and TS Madison for Queen’s Court? Say what? Let’s back up a second!! If you haven’t seen the latest drama between Khia and her co-host well, let’s catch you up!! 195 more words

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