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Watch "Geisha verses motor mouf Khia" on YouTube

Prediction of Geisha verses Khia.

Team Geisha if course.

Watch "Geisha Wants To Bust Khia's A$$ Sponsored by 50 Cent" on YouTube

50 cent and May weather sponsors fight between the Miami rapper Geisha and Florida native and rapper Khia



Khia On Plies - 'I See That Fairy In Him': The Ryan Report

First, full disclosure: “We don’t know why the ‘My Neck, My Back’ queen is so upset with Plies,” Ryan Cameron conceded at the top of today’s… 183 more words


 "Khia Gets Roasted by Geisha" 

Geisha slays Bucky to the core of her coat tail riding ass until she is no more good.

Watch "Khia and Plies Roast Geisha says respect Miami Hoe!" on YouTube

Geisha Miami rapper says respect Miami Khia hoe! Don’t make Miami apart of your shenanigans.My neck and my back ain’t even your song thief.


Its A Chitlin' Kinda Christmas...

Well not over here because I don’t eat pork BUT I know many of you do. So Merry Christmas yall Welcome to my home!!! Or Welcome to My Blog!!! 244 more words

Vintage Moments

A List Of Unorthodox Christmas Songs

Even though Christmas only comes once a year. Doing the same thing or listening to the same thing every year can make the holiday very stale. 282 more words