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A Look at One of Iran's Best Video Games

1979 Revolution: Black Friday, lets gamers experience the Iranian revolution revolt through the eyes of a young and aspiring photojournalist who is watching his country unravel.(iNK Stories) 623 more words


Inside 'the Citadel,' Iran's Forgotten Red-Light District

There are two stories in these photos. One is the peculiar story of prostitution in Iran. The images here, by the late Iranian photojournalist Kaveh Golestan… 896 more words

We Will Resist

Via The Saker

August 23, 2016

In memory of the 290 innocent Iranians murdered by the crew of the USS Vincennes on 3 July 1988. 96 more words


An account of the 1953 Coup

oup 53 of Iran is the CIA’s (Central Intelligence Agency) first successful overthrow of a foreign government.

But a copy of the agency’s secret history of the coup has surfaced, revealing the inner workings of a plot that set the stage for the Islamic revolution in 1979, and for a generation of anti-American hatred in one of the Middle East’s most powerful countries. 5,755 more words


Iran And The Military Use Of Children

The Iran-Iraq War began in 1980 when Iranian Shia Muslim religious leader Mullah Khomeini came to power. The war lasted for 8 years and has badly damaged the country’s infrastructure. 178 more words