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Why I Left Islam: An Iranian-American Speaks

George Carlin says: “Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. 1,910 more words

Middle East crisis...in the 80s

We’ve got used to today’s crisis in the Middle East – the Syrian horror, Daesh, Al Qaeda and the drift away from democracy in Turkey. Well, in the early 80s it was all about the recent revolution in Iran and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. 102 more words


How Khomeini and Unknown Backers Created Islamic State of Iran?

Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini was the son of Seyed Mostafa Hindi (murdered) and Hajieh Agha Khanum. The ancestors of Ruhollah Khomeini migrated towards the end of the 18th century from their original home of Nishapur, Khorasan Province, in northeastern Iran, for a short stay, to the kingdom of Awadh – a region in the modern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. 518 more words


The world's two Islams: Not Speaking Of Sunni And Shiite But Of Hate Filled And The Peaceful



The World’s Two Islams


It is not possible to abolish Muslims or overlook the importance of Islam as a widespread and influential faith. 748 more words


Something Fishy.

​Something Fishy.
Khomeini writes in his book titled _’Al Hukoomatul Islaamiyyah WA Wilaatul Faqih’_

“ان من ضرورات مذهبنا ان لأئمتنا مع الله تغالى مقاما لا يسع ملكا مقربا و لا نبيا مرسلا” 658 more words


Democratic President Jimmy Carter First to Ban Muslims and Deport Them

The Democratic Party doesn’t want Americans to know that it was Democratic President Jimmy Carter who used a 1952 law to ban Iranian Muslims from entering the United States. 403 more words

Trump is America’s Khomeini so I Found my Perfect Inauguration Outfit

I’ve witnessed this kind of atrocity twice in one lifetime.

Women all over social media are posting their inauguration outfits. That is, they are posting pictures of battle-scarred female warriors, head to toe black funereal ensembles and their housecleaning ash-and-cinders Sunday worst.

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