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Iran Deal - Merkel Bows

Iran’s relationship with Germany, and by default the EU, is precariously preposterously muddled in piddle.   Iran is calling the shots. Iran is denoting the ‘additional’ terms that the EU must follow if Iran is going to continue holding to the Obama terms of the Iran Deal.   591 more words


Tracing the ‘Kashmiri spark’ behind the Iranian Revolution

This article was originally published on the Free Press Kashmir.

As the world is observing the 39th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, many in Kashmir are recounting the preparations to host the exiled leader in the Valley at the peak of the revolution. 1,675 more words

Imad Mughniyah…. The philosophy of the war عماد مغنية: فلسفة الحرب

Imad Mughniyah…. The philosophy of the war

فبراير 15, 2018

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Imad Mughniyah the most prominent leader of the resistance in Lebanon at the military level neither was one of the former officers in one of the armies and has joined the resistance supported by his knowledge and experience, nor was a leader in one of the Palestinian organizations with which he coexisted and interacted before the formation of the resistance in Lebanon. 1,249 more words


Iranians Mark Anniversary of Islamic Revolution with Nationwide Rallies

 February 11, 2018

Millions of Iranians are taking to the streets nationwide today to mark the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

People from all walks of life rally in different cities and towns across Iran each year to celebrate the nation’s victory that put an end to the monarchical rule of the US-backed Pahlavi regime. 250 more words

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IDF Airstrikes - Responding To Syria

On February 10th 2018, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) responded to a breach of security from an Iranian backed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The vehicle was shot down by an Israeli helicopter. 505 more words

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Finding a Path to a Post-Revolutionary Iran

By Matthew Bey – Re-Blogged From Stratfor

Almost four decades after the toppling of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, a revolutionary ideology continues to underpin the Iranian state. 2,839 more words

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Video: Rafsanjani called Khamenei's nomination as Supreme Leader as "temporary"

Source: Youtube

In a video which is circulating a lot in this period in the social media, it is possible to see a discussion during the nomination of Ali Khamenei as Iranian Supreme Leader (June 3, 1989). 68 more words