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Tips to Gain Khushoo (Focus) in Salah (Prayers)


It’s Jumu’ah everyone! The best day of the week, so let’s ‘harvest’ all the awaiting rewards.

Have you ever thought about the quality of your prayers/ 57 more words


The Khushoo' of the Salaf

Maymun Bin Hayyan may Allash have mercy upon him – said:

“I never saw Muslim bin Yasar – may Allaah have mercy upon him – turning his head while praying, whether the prayer was short or long. 43 more words


Reality of Fear

Imran bin Hussain ( رضي الله عنه ) used to say ( due to fear of Allah) that By Allah I wish that I become ashes and a storm blows me away viciously. 260 more words

Khushoo’ – An extinct element of Salah

All lofty and high praise be to Allah, The Most Honoured and The Majestic. Peace and blessings be upon the leader of the pious, the chief of al-Kha’shioon, …

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5 Tips to develop Khushoo in Salaah...

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most merciful.

After attending  a course titled ‘Prayer makes Perfect’ in Brisbane this weekend, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the importance of Salaah and the need for perfection in our Prayer. 254 more words