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Khutbah #2 – On Khutbahs

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The Woman who spoke only Quran– the Two Fish – the Nature of Worship – Mortality and Humanity – Meaning and Etymology of Khutbah – Remembrance of Life – the first Khutbah – On Taqwa… 2,530 more words

Mohammad Hoblos - Loving the Dunya

“Today look at our lives, myself included, we’re in love with this world. All of my efforts and all of thikr and all of my stress and everyth… 96 more words


Angels Who Record the Names on Jummu’ah

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “When the day of Friday arrives there are angels upon the door of every mosque to record those who arrive in order and when the Imam sits to deliver the sermon they close their scrolls and come to listen to the remembrance. 99 more words


A Nice Story regarding the Book "Kitaab at-tawheed" by Kashif Khan

Did you understand affair of at-Tawheed?

December 16, 2010

Taken from  Khutbah – A Beneficial Aid Toward Understanding Kitaab-ut Tawheed by Kashif Khan

Shaikhul-Islaam, with his allegiance to the ameer Muhammad ibni Sa’ud, spread the message of at-Tawheed from one corner of the Arabian Peninsula to the next. 319 more words


Old Khutbah ' Can you be a Muslim and be a Capitalist or Communist or Socialist '

Some Points and Proofs and Notes of Explanation related to the Khutbah

Two of the Invalidators of Tawheed

1.Legislating (ruling) from other than what Allah send down… 1,639 more words


what if someone who in Arabian land and does not understand arabic in jumuah khutbah and uses translator to understand what kateeb says?


SubhanALLAAHi wa bi hamdihi, SubhanALLAAHi l azeem

(Glory to ALLAAH and His is the praise, Glory to ALLAAH, The Exalted)

In general while khutah is going on everyone must silent so-much-so that… 132 more words

Jumaa/ Friday Noon Prayers.

The beginning of the Friday khutbah/ sermon. Westlands Mosque.