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[Khutbah] Defending the Prophet

Inshallah I will be trying to post khutbahs on a regular basis moving forward. May Allah accept and make it of benefit to those who listen. 24 more words


Qabr - The Grave

Imagine a person….this person –  he is living a life of contentment, a life of happiness, a life which the average individual in society would be envious of…This individual he has achieved success in his working life ….this individual has success in his family life….he has a wife and he has his children….until one day, he returns home from work..thinking that this day is like every other day….he embraces his wife….he hugs and plays with his children….he eats his dinner….and finally, late at night .. 2,650 more words


Khutbat ul-Haajah

Below is the Khutbat ul-Haajah which needs to be said at the start of the khutbah (if you are giving the khutbah). It is available to save and print.

Khutbah Format


Time Khutbah

Brothers, there is a surah in the Qur’an. A surah that many of us know…many of us have memorised. A surah that is short in its words but powerful in its meaning. 2,522 more words


Jannah (Paradise) Khutbah

Jannah Khutbah

You find that in this dunya, this world, that mankind has no direction, that mankind is misguided. Then Allah out of His Eternal, Uncomparable mercy gave mankind Prophet after Prophet, Messenger after Messenger, to live life the best way possible. 2,321 more words


Sabr (Self-Restraint/ Patience) Khutbah

Sabr – The true characteristic of a Muslim

All praises are due to Allah; we seek his aid and his assistance, and ask his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and from the evil of our actions. 2,115 more words