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WATCH: Jax Test-Drove A Kia Over the Weekend

So I was at Raymond Kia in Antioch on Saturday, and I test drove a Kia Optima. This sucker is awesome! I can’t believe a Kia has a turbo and 247 horsepower engine! 7 more words


Knock, Knock. Who's There? The Kia Koup and It's Coming Back!

The Kia Koup is coming back and with quite a makeover! This 2 door version of the Kia Forte has all the right makings for the youngsters that want a cool, sports car. 123 more words


Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Nine

Genetrix Labs, Peking Michigan 18 September 2015

“So this is where you work, man?” asked Mark as the Kia pulled into a parking lot on the other side of the row of shrubs, across from the atrium entrance. 4,084 more words


2015 KIA Sedona SXL FWD Minivan

This last week the Drive Shop dropped off the new Sedona from KIA, a minivan which in its third generation form was just introduced in the U. 560 more words


In Memoriam: Those Who Have Given Their Lives In Service

Americans Killed in Action (1775-Present):

  • Revolutionary War- 4,435
  • Civil War- 498,332
  • World War I- 53,402
  • World War II- 291,557
  • Korean War- 36,574
  • Vietnam War- 58,220…
619 more words

Memorial Day 2015 ... a reminder ...

Just in case you had today’s Memorial Day holiday confused with “National BBQ Day”…


Happy Memorial Day

Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day! Thank you for your service.