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Kick Ass 2 - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


Up the ante, up the violence, and up the hormones because while everything you love from the first returns and definitely outdoes itself, the repercussions from the first movie and decisions made in this movie lead to a whole lot of tears, fears, and tingly sensations. 1,000 more words


Why We Love.....John Wick.

Directed by: Chad Stahelski, David Leitch

Budget: $20million

Box Office: $86 Million

So this week the teaser trailer for John Wick: Chapter 2 dropped, with the full trailer being released tomorrow at New York Comic-Con. 796 more words

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Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

I was worried about watching this sequel as often many films that have a sequel fail horrendously. However, to my surprise it is actually amazing :D . 191 more words


Comic Corner: Kick Ass 2 (Review)

In our continuing coverage of the Kick Ass franchise, we’re going to be delving into Kick Ass 2. I do want to caution that there will be minor spoilers ahead, as well as some that may possibly spoil the movie. 588 more words

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Comic Corner: Kick Ass (Review)

Kick Ass is a franchise that earned a lot of fame after Jim Carrey famously starred in, and then pulled his support of the movie after saying it was “too violent”. 619 more words

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Kick Ass 2 (2013)

Ordinary High School kid Dave decides to revive the career of his crime-fighting alter ego, but when Hit Girl refuses to break a promise to lead a normal life he seeks like-minded hero wannabes to patrol the streets. 169 more words