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When danger is present, I am not.

A story broke recently (here) about a heroic band of men who possibly saved hundreds of lives thanks to their bravery. It would be fantastic to know you are that guy who, in movies, throws themselves in front of a cowering weed of a man to protect them from a gun-toting lunatic or a bus. 294 more words

Dave Grohl chugs a beer on stage with a fan celebrating his 50th birthday

When celebrating your 50th birthday, would you rather sit at home, eating a gluten free chocolate cake while flipping through your new subscription of AARP… 149 more words


SUPERHERO THEORY 101 - Create Iconic Well Defined Characters

One of the things I love about Batman…

Is that he is such a well defined character, with such specific values, and a particular look and feel to him, that you have to have some sort of reaction no matter if you encounter him in a comic book or a film. 1,707 more words



Dave Lizewski (Aaron taylor-Johnson) loves comics so he decides to become a superhero and calls himself Kick-Ass. Whilst trying to fight crime without any actual super powers Dave teams up with Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz).  246 more words


Making Love

Those who think the world is silent when it rains

Have never listened to the earth breathing

They don’t understand the subliminal art of feeling… 111 more words

Bright Eyes

List Five: Kick Ass Heroines

As it’s the weekend I thought I’d start a new feature. List Five, basically my top five something or others. This week I have been completely addicted to the Crown of Glass series so I thought what better for my first List Five than top five kick ass fictional heroines. 1,112 more words


Clouds of Sils Maria

I realize that I’m not supposed to feel this way, but I’m not completely sold on Kristen Stewart’s performance as Valentine, in Olivier Assayas’s latest, “Clouds of Sils Maria”. 530 more words