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Hello, My Name Is Doris

The body’s not even cold before Doris’s brother is talking about selling their dead mother’s house, which means Doris is about to be homeless, and even worse, divulge an embarrassing secret: it wasn’t Mom who was the hoarder. 315 more words


Suicide Kale

Moral dilemma: one couple hosts another for a pleasant, mostly-vegan dinner party, and a little light snooping on the part of the guests turns up a suicide note. 287 more words


Oh hey there...

So it’s been a while. But hey, I’m back! I’m here to tell you not to put lots of pressure on yourself. Because that’s what I did, and then I pretended I didn’t have a blog for a while. 278 more words


Favorite Eleven Films of 2010

Favorite Eleven Films of 2010

Honorable Mentions: Beginners, Toy Story 3, and Trollhunter 25 more words

Favorite Lists

My Favorite Strong Heriones: Kate Daniels

Kate Daniels, written by Ilona Andrews, is  the definition of a kick-ass women. She fights her battles and battles of others. She uses a sword, magic , or whatever is handy to get herself out of  sticky situation. 345 more words

Friday Motivation.

As Coach Carl is my Batman through this Athlete Zero Program, I found the best motivation for it. It’s very him, too, because he has probably said this more times than I can count.


Autism in Love

Maybe I’m a little hungry, but to me, finding a good movie on Netflix is like finding the juicy peach hearts among all the other loser gummies. 431 more words