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The Man Who Invented Christmas

My bosom is glowing. That’s what we used to call boobies when I was little: bosoms. Pronounced bazooms, of course. My grandmother told us that eating our sandwich crusts would result in big bazooms and I gobbled mine up greedily, and those of my sisters, if they left them. 480 more words


Image's Turn to Kick Ass!

In 2018, 10 years after its original release, Mark Miller and John Romita Jr will be bringing us a New Kick Ass comic book which will be published under the Image imprint and not Marvel, as it had been previously.

555 more words


Auggie is a very special little boy. Born with a genetic condition called Treacher Collins syndrome, Auggie’s facial deformities are the least threatening of the complications but they’re what make him look so different. 558 more words


Comic book industry reacts to Netflix and Mark Miller’s announced collaboration

Netflix announced that they’re taking a jab at publishing comics. The Industry is now commenting on it.

In the past month, the streaming website Netflix announced that they had bought the rights for comic book giant and Scotland’s own Mark Miller’s line of comics, Millerworld. 216 more words

Kick-Ass comic with new black female hero

The news keeps coming out of Millarworld. The comic company founded by prolific scribe Mark Millar was recently acquired by Netflix, and earlier this month Millar announced… 499 more words

Mark Millar anuncia nuevo cómic de Kick Ass

La semana pasada Mark Millar había anunciado que pronto llegarían nuevas noticias sobre Kick-Ass, debido a su reciente trabajo junto con Netflix era de esperarse que la información se tratará de una nueva película o serie. 244 more words

Mark Millar Reveals New Kick-Ass is a Black Female Army Vet

Recently on social media, Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar was teasing a big announcement about the franchise. Some speculated that there could be another movie coming, however, it turns out the comic series is relaunching with a new hero. 269 more words