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Detroit, 1967: a veritable race riot is boiling over the streets of the inner city. Buildings are on fire, stores are looted. Cops are on edge and are arresting any black person they see. 583 more words


What Should Millarworld's First Project On Netflix Be?

In a first for Netflix, the streaming company has announced the acquisition of comic book creator Mark Millar’s publishing company, Millarworld. Millar has created such iconic characters and stories as… 775 more words


Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day has recently been resurrected as a Broadway musical, and Bill Murray went to see it on Tuesday. And Bill Murray went to see it on Wednesday. 679 more words


Cliff Burton's 92-year-old father attends Metallica concert

Metallica bassist Cliff Burton died 31 years ago, yet his memory lives on thanks to his father. Over the years, Ray Burton has kept his son’s name at the forefront of the heavy metal lexicon, regularly attending Metallica concerts and giving interviews about his son’s legendary, albeit brief career. 212 more words


With Millarworld, Netflix Makes a Risky Bet for Its First Acquisition

So much energy has been expended over the past 12 months anticipating the potential acquisition of Netflix by conglomerates like Disney that Monday’s announcement by the streaming service made for a surprising reversal: Netflix turned out to be a buyer. 912 more words


Netflix buys comics publisher Millarworld to feed films and TV

Netflix Inc on Monday said it has bought comics publisher Millarworld, bringing on board renowned comic book writer Mark Millar and a host of character franchises it can mine for TV shows and movies. 375 more words