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30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story

I was probably too young for Garbage Pail Kids. I was possibly too young for Cabbage Patch Kids too, for that matter, but had one anyway, given to me when I was 2 years old and my dumb Mom replaced me with a brand new baby. 502 more words



Joshy has planned a fun bachelor-party weekend away in Ojai, just him and his buddies celebrating his upcoming marriage with as much booze and drugs and strippers as time and space allows. 261 more words


"Trump Will Kill America" is etched on The Smiths' Record Store Day vinyl release

Photo by‚Äč Yukiko Nakagawa / Flickr

There is at least one person in this world capable of bringing The Smiths back together, and (despite his best efforts… 231 more words



August 1, 1966: a gunman opens fire from the clock tower of the University of Texas. No one can get near him. He’d hold not only the campus but much of the surrounding city of Austin hostage. 355 more words



It’s probably never a good day to be a cab driver, but Max is having an exceptionally bad day: he’s just trying to put in his time until he can get his own limo business going, minding his own business, when by a stroke of bad luck, Vincent climbs into his backseat. 288 more words


How to be a Superhero

Alright kiddies, gather around because it’s time to talk about the one topic that is near and dear to every comic book reader’s heart. We read their stories but wish to live them. 441 more words