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Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts, 2017

Borrowed Time: a sheriff returns to the site of a crash, the source of his guilt, the symbol of his grief. The animation is twelve steps above incredible, from the flecks of gray in his beard to his slightly crooked teeth and the just-noticeable¬†ripple of his mustache in a gentle breeze, the animators clearly know what they’re doing. 618 more words


I, Daniel Blake

This movie is a surprise. Daniel Blake is an older gentleman who cared for his sick wife until her death, who has now fallen on hard times himself after a heart attack leaves him unable to work. 313 more words


How to create kick-ass goals and stick to them

Creating a goal is the first step you can take to being a success. Goals are so extremely important, they give you purpose and determination  Рyou need to set goals to fill you with motivation and give you drive. 626 more words


The Red Turtle

It’s haunting and beautiful and tragic and oddly seductive. The Red Turtle is the prettiest girl in your class who also happens to pull down straight As: fecking brilliant. 306 more words


A "Kick-Ass" Coming of Age Story

To all my favorite readers,

Recently, an article of mine was published on the wonderful Curnblog;¬†in it, I explore concepts of Neo-Modernism, something I define as post-modernism in decay, and how it plays out in Matthew Vaughan’s film adaptation of the comic book… 21 more words


OJ: Made In America

First, understand that OJ Simpson, to me, is the murderer. I was a kid when he killed his ex-wife and her friend, so I hadn’t known him as a football player or movie star or celebrity before then. 827 more words



There are lots of reasons I am not a bus driver. I don’t even like driving my own self to work, first of all. No aptitude for it of course. 484 more words