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13 Hit Tracks From 2013 For Those Days When You Need A Little Gym-spiration

When it comes to working out, I’ve found that music is by far the best motivator. Even if you’re not feeling the gym that day or you’re too tired to get that last rep in, a solid playlist can give you the boost you need to get off your ass and do work. 622 more words

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August 25, 2016: Owl Impersonation 

I don’t think I’ve had a more standard day. It starts by waking up, getting coffee and watching TV till ten. Then I go to work and stop for monsters on my way. 32 more words

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

I’m at a wedding today, one I’m helping to coordinate, so I know the brides and I are all hoping that it won’t be cloudy, nor will there by any weird weather events. 288 more words


Kick-Ass (2010)

If you ever fantasized about becoming a superhero and saving the girl you like or your city, you need to watch this. Becoming a superhero is more about courage than strength. 89 more words



50 years into the future, the sun is a dying star, and Earth will die along with it. We send a ship of astronauts to bomb the sun back into shining but the team goes awol somewhere out in the million miles of space. 615 more words


Kubo And The Two Strings

A little dark, and a little melancholy for kids, but for me, near perfection.

Kubo is a little boy with a magical, ancient Japanese banjo. Well, technically the banjo wasn’t ancient at the time – he lives in ancient Japan. 470 more words