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Wishing Them Home

Willa: Hi Lisha! Welcome back! Did you have a good summer?

Lisha:  Excellent! Busy as always. How about you, Willa?

Willa: It was a lot of fun, but bittersweet. 3,942 more words

Michael Jackson

while walking home from school

it’s just a can
a metal cylindrical can
and it’s anyone’s guess what used
to be inside it
a perfect size for baked beans or peaches… 105 more words


Don't look a gift horse in the can

This good piece of advice was unintentionally uttered by the husband of a malaphor follower.  It is a mash up of “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” (receive a gift graciously and without criticism) and I think “in the can” (successfully completed and ready for consumption) or  perhaps “kick the can down the road” (to postpone a definitive action).   112 more words


Hey Megs <3

Boy do I have a fun project for you! So you know those tin cans that you get your tomato sauce, peas and beans in? 764 more words


Kick the can

“If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse them.”
– from the movie Spotlight

Olly olly olly oxen free!

91 more words

Plague House

We’ve been sick for a week.

It sucks being sick, but it sucks even more when you’re both sick at the same time, and can’t take care of one another. 223 more words


Passing Down Our Stories

A question a few weeks ago, and then again this weekend with Dad. So I thought I should write something.

“Tell us a story about when you were a kid.” 337 more words