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The Marler saga reaches its conclusion

Today marked the inevitable conclusion of shin gate, the much deliberated sequel to Samson gate. Unsurprisingly it ended in a 2 week ban for our Joe and I can see why a ban has been thrashed out, the ever looming and invisible disciplinary cabal has made an example of him as they clearly see him as a liability. 371 more words


A Running Dictionary: IJ-K(now)-L(ots) of Terms!

By Cindy Lapeña

We’re winding up the first half of our alphabet with this installment of running terms, and in case you’re wondering about the J in the title, that’s the Swedish J! 411 more words


Must Own Albums: INXS- Kick

I remember being 4 years old, watching MTV and seeing the video for “Need You Tonight.” My first thought was I have to have a jacket like the one Michael Hutchence had. 309 more words

Marler in potential hot water after latest act

England prop Joe Marler has been in the spotlight of late for all the wrong reasons.

The incident involving the Welsh prop, Samson Lee, in which Marler called his opponent a ‘Gypsy boy’ has only just been forgotten about. 254 more words


the kidnap - erotica fiction *NSFW*

Strands of damp hair fall on her face as she bends down to pick up the teddybear. She looks back as if to call out but doesn’t break her gaze from the little white fluffy toy staring vacantly through her. 1,508 more words


Review: Kick Mats by DRIVE™Auto Products

Child Car Seat Kick Mats by DRIVE™Auto Products.

I received the opportunity to review a kick mat by DRIVE™Auto Products. They come wrapped up and with instructions. 177 more words


K is for a kick ...

A kick in the butt to

– these guys screaming on TV claiming it’s a debate when all they do is talk no wait shout out nonsense… 169 more words

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