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That's going to leave a mark

I was lucky enough to see these two fighting zebras while crossing the Masai Mara in Kenya. We stopped our vehicle and watched as the two zebras bit, kicked, and otherwise pestered each other. 35 more words


Last But Not Least

I have always been that kid. The last kid. The kid who is last. In competitions, I am last. Finishing a meal, I am last. Standing in line, I am last. 796 more words


The Rugby game by a NFL commentator - 5

With Pat Lambie out versus the Eagles, Danimal (quarterback) received increased play time, but not exactly the type that made him a prominent part of the offense. 815 more words


Rape - Things to do to keep from being a victim - Trust your instincts

This is an article that I came across on Facebook and felt it was worth sharing.  A very close friend of mine taught me to be aware, always, of your surroundings.  1,530 more words