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Focus and keep accomplishing steps toward goals

Steps toward goals being accomplished… Feb. 2013 Certified NLP Practitioner – March 2013 Certified Master NLP Practitioner – TODAY… 20 March 2013 I became a Certified Life Coach… Kicking it in the pants for Certified Hypnotist – stepping up goal nearly one month from April 29 to March 31 (Was one day past my goal for Life Coach certification so making up for that delay 30X) Gettin’ ‘er done! 162 more words


One day I will learn to write my blog post ideas down at the moment I think of them, so I don’t end up forgetting them and cursing my pathetic memory. 31 more words


How Elementary School Ruins My Adult Life

As an adult, the misguided lessons I learned during my public school elementary education have caused me to look like a total moron on more than one occasion. 271 more words

I'm An Ass

Rotis vs. Sambusas



Ok this conversation started when a co-worker saw that I was eating samosas (or Sambusas, as the Eritrean merchant called them) when it came to brunch. 294 more words

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is almost 8

7:12 pm. On a September Friday. Man I wanna sing this like the AIC song “Frogs”.

‘Silently singing’“7:12 pm. On a Friday in September. In two months, I turn 509. 708 more words

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Pure And Easy

*Ok gang….Aaron here (Yw) and welcome to the “midday” entry. For those who usually read this blog; barring laziness or Youtube or “really cool pictures” (my story and I’m sticking with it), there is usually a midday entry. 518 more words

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about captain america

Strangest thing and ill add a preface to start.

Max flechsher was a 1930’s animation mogul who is basically known by the historians and those fanboys who saw his work. 559 more words

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