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It's Nearly Over.

The Knitter Nerd Kickstarter ends on Saturday. 

This has been an amazing month. I put up a small goal to light a fire under my butt for this blog, thinking that I could gauge whether it’s worth pushing on, and guys, … 334 more words


A success or am I just crazy?

Success or a money pit?

I’m so nervous! This is nerve wrecking! My little idea is up on kickstarter and out in the public. For people to look at and judge! 94 more words


Smoke & Mirrors Micro Game

Written by Scott Bogen of The Board Game Show podcast

We had a chance to play a review copy of this interesting little bluffing game recently. 153 more words


Building your Crowdfunding Page Part 1 – Blurb and Project Image

It’s finally time to get started on your crowdfunding project page. Whether you have decided to go with Kickstarter, Indiegogo or another, you need it to look great, make sense and let potential funders know exactly what you are there for. 1,125 more words


Vampyre Theater - Graphic Novel - Kickstarter Campaign

Hi Vamps,

A new Vampire kickstarter has appeared with only 14 days left on the clock so I thought I’d pass this one on now called… 88 more words


Another Kickstarter Update

It’s ten days until my Kickstarter ends and I couldn’t be happier. I wondered if I would hit the original target of $200; I debated making it less, but that was the minimum I would need for a microphone and an upgrade for my blog. 246 more words


Tabletopia - A Digital Platform for Tabletop Games Now Live on Kickstarter

Have you had the chance yet to play Pandemic or Elder Sign on a tablet? Have you dabbled at all with OCTGN on the computer? There are some amazing companies out there taking our favorite board games and digitizing them. 465 more words