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Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 Funding on Kickstarter

Dual Powers is a 1-2 player, card-driven, area-control strategy game set during the time of the Russian Revolution. Dual Powers is nearly 40% funded with two weeks to go in the campaign. 414 more words


Kickstarter Update: The Campaign Is Over! We're Funded

Woo! The campaign is over and we are funded!

280% Funded, actually.

That makes: 904 Backers. $42100 Pledged. 951 Books.

Thank you, everyone. You made this happen. 132 more words


Kickstarter Update: $40K! Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Overnight, we broke $40K! Ya’ll have unlocked the Cryptid Sticker Pack stretch goal!

If you have selected a reward tier that includes a book (basically all of them $15+) then in addition to the stated rewards you will be getting a pack of 6 vinyl, die-cut cryptid stickers that will feature La Ropasucia, Blorp and Prop Cat. 238 more words


Kickstarter Update: Last Chance!

Quick update to say that the campaign is about to end and I’m so excited I might die.

Don’t miss out! If you haven’t backed the campaign, dooooo it! 24 more words

Q2q Comics

Kickstarter Update: The Final Day!

All right, all you last minute folks, the floor is yours.

The final day of the Volume 2 Kickstarter has arrived! It’s your last chance for mystery boxes (yes there are a few open spots), doodled books, and the collectible numbered Kickstarter Edition of the book. 55 more words


Vol. 2 Kickstarter Update: Last Chance for Mystery Boxes and 48 Hours Left!

Exactly what the title says!

The last group of mystery boxes just dropped. This is it. When they’re gone they’re gone.

Get yours here!

It’s your last chance to get on board at the Kickstarter level. 53 more words


My 30 Day World Scifi Version #1 & 2


Question #1: What is your 30 second elevator pitch


The future is not a golden age for Humanity.

Overpopulation, scarcity of food and basic supplies are rampant. 176 more words