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Happy Turkey Day!

No, this isn’t about Thanksgiving.  Well, it kinda is.  Every once in awhile I feel the need to tell y’all about a crowdfunding campaign that has captured my imagination, and this one is VERY near to my heart.   290 more words


Sweet Dreams

I just had a knock at the door and was very excited to receive my copy of the game that got me into backing games on Kickstarter (I blame the… 200 more words

Board Game

Featured Store: Bonny Knits

If you’re looking for gifts to give your loved ones this year it’s always nice to give them something handmade. Unfortunately (as we were discussing Monday) it’s not always possible to find enough time. 175 more words


Cubicle 7 Releases Cthulhu Tales Card Game on Kickstarter

From the same folks that brought you Hobbit Tales comes a new story-telling game set in the world of the Cthulhu mythos! Cubicle 7 has taken to Kickstarter with their new game where you start out in a sanatorium and you must convince those around you that you’re sane enough to go home. 188 more words


Two Player Breaker Blocks Game on Kickstarter

Created by a one-man studio called Spriteborne, Breaker Blocks is available right now on Kickstarter for you to check out! This 2 player tile-laying/circuit control game can be picked up and played just about anywhere! 213 more words


Die Kitty Die!

It’s a tactic that has made its way into some of the most popular comics of all time. A comic book needs a boost in sales or press, so the publisher decides to kill off the main character. 551 more words


Endure the Stars on Kickstarter

I came across ‘Endure the Stars’ on Kickstarter quite by accident, and I’m glad I did.

‘Endure the Stars’ by Grimlord Games, is a 1- 5 player Sci- fi, Co- op, survival, horror game set aboard the ruined spaceship the N.W.E. 708 more words