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This Dough Can Be Programmed to Make Funny Noises (and Teach Kids About Circuits)

Most grown-ups don’t understand electrical circuits. But a new series of toys from the London-based educational toy company Technology Will Save Us aims to teach your four-year-old the basics of resistance, switches, and polarity–while using conductive dough to do it. 709 more words

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E3: Season 3 of EastSiders Needs You

You should not look for any objective reporting here.  I’m just simply biased. I fell in love with EastSiders five years ago and have been awed by the talent and the dedication and the blood, sweat and tears that Kit and John and their team have put into this series. 303 more words


Preview of Roll Player Monsters and Minions Expansion

Keith Matejka shares all the details of his upcoming Monsters & Minions expansion for Roll Player! Learn how players will be pitted against a final boss monster, new Market cards, a new type of die added to the dice bag, the special abilities of the Scout and Assassin, possible Kickstarter stretch goals, the ability to fight minions for rewards, and how backers can become involved in the creative process. 45 more words


Video Review - Dog Might Skirmish Box

As a wargamer I’ve found many different accessories help my games in many different ways. One issue I’ve still struggled with, though, is finding the right accessory to make moving from one table to another easier when playing tournaments or multiple games down at The Common Room. 243 more words


Guest at Children's Book Academy Blog

“One of the best parts of running the Children’s Book Academy is seeing the beautiful books that our students make. This one is from June Perkins who took our Self-Publishing with Crowdfunding course, co-taught by Jed Alexander and myself. 285 more words

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Push Your Luck and Mine for Gems with Dig, On Kickstarter

I remember having a lot of fun in my very early days as a video gamer playing on the Atari. One of the games I ended up playing a lot (that actually turned into quite the competition) was Dig-Dug. 369 more words


Coming Soon to Kickstarter: Barbarians by Tabula Games

Pierluca Zizzi, the creator of games such as Hyperborea, Signorie, Asgard, Simurgh and many more, is back stoking his furnace of imagination with Barbarians: The Invasion. 378 more words