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Delivered Kickstarter: Star Power and the 9th Wormhole

What It Is
Danica Maris works as an assistant astronomer on Space Station Sanctuary Six, dreaming of a life of exploration and discovering what lies beyond the stars she studies daily. 389 more words


GIVEAWAY - Regnum Angelica Round 2

Alright folks! Late announcement, but we are doing another giveaway for a great 2 player card game, Regnum Angelica. If you don’t know what RA is all about, check out our… 168 more words


Kickstarter Watch - Mythica 2: The Darkspore Movie

Q: Holy crap, where have I been?
A: Under a rock, apparently!

Just in, a link to a Kickstarter for a fantasy themed movie. I was blown away by the trailer; no shit, I really was! 123 more words


Splashing paint for fun

I haven’t painted for the sheer pleasure of it for a couple of months now, so today I thought I’d change that. I haven’t set myself any targets or goals this month. 53 more words


Scrunt name generator debacle

We have just been in fits of laughter after trying to develop a Scrunt name generator for a Kickstarter reward. I wouldn’t have thought it so difficult but ours is truely awful, I worked out a multiple choice and assigned elements ect to the answer, so when I asked Bob to take the quiz, this is the name it generated Dwalin Owl Silver Oak, pretty bad I tweaked it a bit and James was slightly better he got Ori Stone Heart. 10 more words


Obscura is 91% funded!

Hey kids! NOW is the time if you’d like to help support our new graphic novel, ‘Obscura: Collected Edition’! We are 9% away from the finish line and we’d be forever in your debt if you help us get there! 36 more words

Managing a nation; campaign to make a splash in social media @MyTwitterManager

I am starting to express the fruition of MANLIKEMAN123 as an enterprise and it is such a pleasure. My goals are set for something bigger and bigger. 426 more words