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Asian American Heritage Month Compilation Book In Development

Visual storyteller and photographer Yohan Yoon, one half of the creative force behind NBC Asian America‘s series Beyond Belief, is preparing to create a compilation book in honor of Asian American Heritage Month. 197 more words

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Joined Your Party: Hyper Light Drifter is Heart Machine’s Beautiful, Godsent Baby

Hyper Light Drifter is Heart Machine’s beautiful, godsent baby. After earning over $640,000 on kickstarter despite only asking for $27,000, this Zelda-like action-RPG dashed and slashed into becoming my favourite indie game for 2016. 709 more words

Joined Your Party

"Average is a place where we all fit. It's normal to feel like you don't fit in and I want to change that. I want young women to realize that they are beautiful just as they are!" | Q&A with Photographer Emily Lauren Dick on Crowdfunding her book "Average Girl: A Guide to Loving Your Body"

Many people have discovered that crowdfunding their publishing project is a better way to bring their ideas to the public than more traditional routes. They are able to control more of the project, enabling their complete vision comes to fruition. 1,223 more words


I’ve been away a while, but I’m back!

We in Jitterz are recording our debut EP next month, but we need your help! We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund it an some snazzy merch too! 27 more words


Defense Grid the Board Game

As down as I currently am on recommending any sort of video game related Kickstarter, I do have to mention the title that disappointed me the least over the last five years, which was the… 278 more words


Octopus decal design

I finished drawing the Dapper Decal design for the Stretch Goal reward. There are very nearly 1,000 decals already slated to go out as free rewards to backers of… 133 more words


Friday the 13th: The Game, see's Jason Gain a Fast Warp Ability.

Not for the squeamish, the up-coming Friday the 13th: The Game coming soon to consoles and windows dropped a new trailer showcasing some more of the classic killer and his new ability to ‘fast warp’ to certain locations within the camp ground map. 263 more words