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The Beauty of Video Games: Shovel Knight

For the uninitiated Shovel Knight is a crowd-funded 2D platformer from indie developer Yacht Club Games. Most people know what it is and have likely played, knowing that it has a new DLC out “Spectre of torment” on most platforms. 754 more words

GW Pens Gem Pen "Rose Quartz" Review

Pens and inks are my passion, but I am totally of the opinion that gems are also a girl’s best friend ^_^.  So when John Greco of… 498 more words

Fountain Pen

Forsaken Castle - An Anime Metroidvania Kickstarter

This game is a indie that has been Green-lit by Steam and it’s a metroidvania-ish platformer. The story of the game as follows Lily is a newly appointed paladin sent to investigate the appearance of undead near the sleepy little village of Atoh. 243 more words

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Kickstarter Referral Prizes

You could win an ultra rare prototype of a new version or expansion of Crazier Eights.

The Crazier Eights: Camelot Kickstarter is up, and if you (a) pay for a pledge for a reward worth $14 or more, and (b) get two or more friends to pay for pledges for a reward worth $14 or more, you can get a prize. 186 more words

Crazier Eights

Shadows of Brimstone: The Burrower aka we have wormsign!


Not content with making a massively large monstrous worm to harass the heroes, the makers of Shadows of Brimstone gave their worm the obligatory cthulhoid mass of tentacles sprouting out of it’s gigantic maw! 161 more words