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Like Mist Over The Eyes-Kickstarter

This is definitely the first time I’ve been able to share details about a kickstarter before it launches!

Right now there’s only a facebook event page… 93 more words


The New York Convenience Store-An Art Installation

Do you want to see a fluffy convenience store in New York next year? Click this link to pledge on my Kickstarter campaign:


The convenience store, the cornerstone of every neighborhood block. 759 more words


The Superbook turns your Android smartphone into a laptop for $99

There’s been devices in the past that would try and turn your Android smartphone into a laptop (Motorola Atrix anyone?) but that was back when Android smartphones were severely underpowered. 205 more words


Future Technology: Drones

Hey Everyone. I am guessing all of you have heard of drones and even seen pictures. Some of you may have bought a drone too. Drones are phenomenal pieces of technology that show just how rapidly technology is evolving. 269 more words


Thoughts on Savage Foes of North America

This is the last of the three main books that were kickstarted during the Savage Rifts campaign. In its three chapters we get a short chapter on the usage of the book, a much longer chapter on the humanoids groups that occupy North America, and then a final chapter on the more monstrous beings that can be found. 385 more words

Savage Worlds

Amazon will finally let you buy all those Kickstarters you don't need

Kickstarter is a fantastic way to get brand-new technology for cheap. But apart from the risk of being scammed, it’s also quite unsatisfying. You pay your money, and a couple months later (if you’re lucky!), something comes in the mail. 182 more words


Nightcap - July 29

UX design and Kickstarter are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar