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The Old Ball Game

The Old Ball Game is live on Kickstarter: Link

What I love about this tabletop game for 2 is the pitching. We have 7 unique pitches and the deeper you go into the count, the more the confrontation between pitcher and batter changes from luck to knowledge – especially for the batter. 84 more words

Arduino、プログラミング知識不要で使えるIoTキット「ESLOV」 [ #cloud ]




懐かしのアップルロゴ風ワイヤレスコントローラーがKickStarterに登場。Apple II接続用のアダプタも用意 [ #cloud ]

懐かしのアップルロゴを象ったBluetoothコントローラー『AP40』のクラウドファンディングが始まっています。周辺機器メーカーの 8Bitdoが KickStarterにおいて実施しているプロジェクト。スタートからわずか2日で目標額12万ドル(約1207万円)のうち9万ドル(約906万円)を集める人気を博しています。



The End is Nigh - An Apocalyptic Game of Deduction

Remember the episode of The Simpsons titled ‘Bart’s Comet’ where everyone packs into Flander’s fallout shelter until it’s too crowded and Flanders has to leave because the townsfolk deem left handed products unnecessary? 295 more words


Meg Previews Stitches by Norwester Games

There’s Something In The Dark Woods

Beyond the grounds of Franken State University, there is a place that no one dares enter. Past the scattered trees, to where the woods become dense and dark, you can find things that are truly terrifying.  2,347 more words


A Conversation with Kevin Roy

Picture a flip flop wearing cowboy who switches seamlessly through country, bluegrass and folk songs and you have yourself Kevin Roy. A self proclaimed traveling troubadour of country music, Roy epitomizes the new generation of collaborative musicians. 1,089 more words