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How Successful Is Crowdfunding On Kickstarter?

If you visit Kickstarter and click on “About Us” then hit “Stats” you find very impressive statistics, that are updated daily, on all the projects that have been on their platform from the time of their launch through now. 148 more words


Kickstarter Spotlight: Luminous Ages a world where mages, dragons and creatures fight to control dream magic

By Anthony Christou

I have been writing, drawing and painting Luminous Ages for about two years now on and off amongst my client work at my studio. 605 more words


The Design of NPCs

The NPC (or Non-Player Character) is a crucial part of almost any role playing game. It is someone with agency just like the characters which the players are running, but it doesn’t belong to any of them. 511 more words


A Thing Of Beauty, Long Remembered

In between writing about my own struggles to get things I write made/screened/published I often like to support others in getting their stuff off the ground. 206 more words

Eminent Domain: Microcosm - An Aficionado Reviews

*Disclaimer* The following review is comprised entirely of the opinions of me, myself and I, and is a complete review of the game described. If a review is paid or I received the game for free to review, that fact will also be disclosed beforehand (in the title of the review as either “Paid” or “Requested” respectively), but regardless, integrity shall be maintained, in order to benefit the gaming industry as a whole. 1,560 more words


And now for something completely different...

Insight Fantasy RPG is currently kickstarting. Made by fellow Nørwegian Even V. Røssland. A bit different to the fare we usually serve up at this blog, but who knows? 158 more words

Posts About Specific Games

Kult: Divinity Lost Update

We now have a cover image!

Apparently, the original was deemed to risqué.  Because…nipples.  Right.  I don’t think it loses anything for covering up.  The original cover design can be seen… 48 more words