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Smartphone Evolution: Have they got boring?

First off I’d like to clarify that I in no way find smartphones boring! They do amazing things, let me check my Facebook, send silly emoticons to multiple people at the same time (for free!) and of course, they look sexy! 864 more words


Video Games - Kickstarting It - Toe Jam and Earl: Back in the Groove

KickStarting It! is a weekly article that features a selected game from KickStarter or similar websites. Each week, 1 game is selected from these sites and is featured in the article and that week’s podcast. 332 more words


Hendo hoverboard: Where we’re going we don’t need roads…

A gadget dreamed up 1980s film Back to the Future, the first real ‘hoverboard’ will glide off the production line in 2015. But Arx Pax, the company behind it, has much more ambitious plans… 7 more words


Q&A with daphne kapsali, writer

London girl Daphne Kapsali created quite the buzz when she raised some £3,240 pledged of £2,500 goal via a Kickstarter campaign, to live on the Cycladic island of Sifnos to write her… 587 more words


Birth of Moonflower and the Solstice Dance Project

Quite a few years ago, I wrote a children’s book about the winter solstice.  I really liked the book – it also had some strong interest when I shopped it to agents, but again, no bite.   443 more words

How do I crowdfund successfully?

So Ive played around in the past with crowdfunding but it has never really gone anywhere.  Any tips?  Ive already deleted the previous campaigns so I really dont have any examples to show. 383 more words


Advent Saga Revives Self On Kickstarter, Promises Better Stuff

While I personally did not see it, the game Advent Saga apparently underwent a Kickstarter campaign around two years ago, but failed. Now, with newfound direction and learning from their mistakes, they’ve… 192 more words