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Furry Guards

In the event that dreams are in danger of being stolen or used for bad intentions, a Furry Guardian (or four) will appear to defend the dreams to the.. 19 more words


Anonymous Reader Photo

A friend suggested I begin something called “Anonymous Reader Photo,” and I didn’t just think yes, I thought HELL YES, THAT IS BRILLIANT.

From now on, I’ll be accepting anonymous (or not, whichever you prefer) photos from my readers to post for the enjoyment and entertainment of others! 87 more words

Kid Art

Artkive the Digital Archive

My sweet little darlings make the most beautiful artwork. Scads of little handprints papers and crafted treasures are stuffed in their baby books and all over our house. 247 more words

Working Moms

Project Art NYC Volunteering

I’ve begun volunteer at an organization called Project Art. It is a New York based nonprofit that help provides art lessons to kids in the city who would otherwise not receive them. 117 more words

Dream Brew Victory

At long last, the latest batch of dream juice has successfully been procured! Time to get cozy and rest up, for a new adventure is soon to come.


Glimpses: Little Atelier


Please feel free to share your moments in the comments (joining Soulemama).

Happy Weekending!


Dream Sneakers

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? Dream harvesting day can be a very dangerous day. Neko-heart-attack, twelve o’clock!