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Daughter Drawing Me a Tattoo.

And on my wife’s arm. Not too bad for a 5th grader.

Just Because


My kids love to craft. They get it honestly- because before I had kids, I crafted every weekend. But after I noticed my daughter comparing her projects to mine, I decided to let her do her own thing and just guide her with the materials and brief instructions. 339 more words


Like Putting the Art Before the Horse

In keeping with my vow to attempt to be positive and upbeat, I bring you a stellar piece of Stella art. Behold: Portait of Mommy and Daddy. 232 more words


5B: Texture Hunt!

Congratulations to the students in 5th B who have worked hard to earn their art party! This group of students voted to have an art activity outside as a reward. 53 more words

Art Education

Artist Books with the Kids (make stuff monday)

Tried making artist books with kids and their work to avoid discarding it or tucking it away into a drawer with other work piling up. 351 more words

4th & 5th: Pixel Self Portraits

Students in the 4th and 5th grades have been learning about self portraiture. During this lesson, students generated self portraits while drawing inspiration from digital media such as Minecraft. 23 more words

Art Education

Glitter Glue

It is a frequent occurrence that the kids and I will go into the art room and I’m so jazzed because I think I might get my hands dirty with my own work. 126 more words