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Taking Time for a Doodle

Sometimes I just have to stop whatever I’m working on and doodle with the kid.  It doesn’t matter WHAT I doodle, she’ll turn it into something fun.  465 more words

Sick Day Painting

My youngest was home for a couple days this past week with a fever. After what felt like his thousandth movie, he decided he was bored and was looking for a change of scenery. 347 more words

Behind The Scenes

@YoGottiKOM (feat. @LunchMoneyLewis) - Lifestyle (Official Video)

I was quite surprised when they sent this track my way a while back when Gotti’s White Friday dropped.

Most recent cut from White Friday was… 42 more words

Hip Hop

Evening in the Art Room

Older Daughter was in the art room using a splatter paint technique that initially made me cringe a little. As the watered down paint hit the wall beyond the canvas I told her I would feel more comfortable with splatter of this magnitude being performer outside… I emphasized that this was possible, but we would need to set up, and dress appropriately. 166 more words


I enter my basement and survey the job at hand. The air cool, the light dim and the concrete floor hard, the cast offs of life not yet cast away taunt me. 348 more words


Polar Bear Craft for Kids and Thrift Find

Hey guys!

Hope your day did not feel quite as long as mine. I can’t say today was the greatest. I checked my account at one point and had around $1.25 in my account. 600 more words

Daughter Drawing Me a Tattoo.

And on my wife’s arm. Not too bad for a 5th grader.

Just Because