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Zucchini and Spinach Pesto

I have a two year old who doesn’t love vegetables. She will eat some vegetables but she tends to steer clear of greens if she can. 323 more words


Kale Chips

I once tried bought kale chips and really liked them so I thought I would attempt to make my own, especially since I had a steady supply of kale from my garden!!! 202 more words


Broccoli, Blue Cheese Sauce with Orecchiette and Hazelnuts

Tuesday already?! Or is it “Oh its only Tuesday?”

Take your pick. Currently I am the latter, still at home with 3 sick kids.

I am going green today. 652 more words

Guacamole for a Busy Week

Hola, ¿cómo estas?

Welcome to another week and to some more recipes I’ve been making over the last week.

This week is going to be unexpectedly crazy busy and slightly stressful for us so I’m looking for easy  reasonably healthy food. 492 more words

Smoked Tofu Pie, Just Hear Me Out

I decided on this post title to banish the bad rap tofu gets. Yes us vegetarians do eat it but the carnivores out there can also  enjoy a bit of the vege side of life. 795 more words

Tower Burger

Hello, today I will be talking about Tower Burger. Yesterday I went to Tower Burger in hopes of finding a good burger place. I got a burger with swiss cheese and bacon. 79 more words

Hungry Napkin