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Caprese Spaghetti

I absolutely LOVE Caprese! It is one of my all time favorite foods. The combination of the tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, olive oil and seasonings just sings in my mouth. 311 more words


Lunching with CountryFair's toast'em

Feeding a busy toddler who loves his food is a full time job, so now and again I’m on the lookout for something easy to make but that he will still enjoy. 268 more words

2015 Blogging Journey

Sweet and Spicy Pork Skewers. Even I can cook these!

Stir fry should be the easiest food to make. Right?

Not for me!  I mess it up EVERY time!  I over cook the vegetables, add too much sauce, don’t slice the meat right, pan’s not hot enough, you name it.   192 more words

Healthy Fast Meals

Why should hamsters have all the parties? Two Bite Tostadas for the rest of us.

I’ve been seeing a lot of videos with miniature animals having miniature parties.  I have to admit I’m sorta jealous.  Why should little rodents have personal chefs and party planners when here we are having to handle all our own stuff? 240 more words

Healthy Fast Meals

HELP! I have no idea what to call this meal!

My purpose of this site is to help out busy parents.  But today I’m in a quandry, so now I’m asking for your help.

I created this dish.   461 more words

Healthy Fast Meals