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Well it's about time

See this:

It’s going to become this:

I wrote the silly pattern, have knit 3 of the sweaters (Kid Hollow’s sample, and 2 orders) but have yet to make one for ME. 353 more words

So where was I...

After I was here last, the weather turned incredibly nice, and, well… there has been lots of outside time, mucking the hay that has collected where the goaties eat, shearing a few bunnies, loving on goaties… you know…. 558 more words

Then came Floppy

This is Floppy. I picked him up Monday. He’s a little over a week old, and is another bottle baby for me to raise for… 355 more words


And I don’t mean the color.

Let’s see- I haven’t given you a Steve update in quite awhile. He’s doing great- recovered from his surgery, and beginning chemo. 665 more words

It's been awhile

After Jonesy… after Puff… I just needed some time.

So now. What first? Still have a test knit that I was generously given more time on. 787 more words

Am I coming or going?

If you know, please tell me- I’d really like to know. Actually- come Thursday, I’m going. To Rhinebeck, that is! I will be working at… 720 more words

Pat and Steve are home!!!!

That is the best news! They went home yesterday- I talked to him today and he said it feels good to be home. Now, if his incision keeps healing like it should, he gets to stay put for a few weeks, then he goes back up to Johns Hopkins to do another round of the experimental vaccine that is showing promising results for pancreatic cancer patients. 414 more words