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“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.”

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Little Gifts

1) Realizing that I have 14 kids in my after school class who have been candyless for far too long (actually, I haven’t given them any candy at all this year so far), counting the number of Twix I have left in my candy bag at my desk, and finding exactly 14 remaining – no more, no less. 562 more words


On language barriers

This article got me thinking about something of which I already try to remind myself on a daily basis:

Speaking a second language with anything less than fluency can automatically create the impression that you are less intelligent than you actually are (to the native speakers whose language you are trying to speak). 483 more words


I love my job

In my 2nd grade class:

Have you heard about PSY?

No, what about him?

He has an ugly face.


And another installment in the Peach Saga…

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Just a typical Monday

This is why I love working with kids. You can’t really dread Monday when you have these types of conversations to look forward to.

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Zest for life

Zest is a good word. It’s a strong word. A fresh word.

I want to have zest for all aspects of life. Food. Music. Adventure. People. 600 more words


no peeking

I’m sharing this story second-hand, but it doesn’t diminish the humor of the young men in our family.

My nephew, age 7, was visiting family in West Virginia (his favorite place on earth) for the weekend.  195 more words

Kid Quotes