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I don't even know. That was just out of left field.

Me: We’re going to watch some videos of my friend, Pogg.

Client: That’s not your friend, Pogg. That’s your dad.

This is what Pogg looks like:  12 more words

Kid Quotes

I can't tell if this is sweet or salty

3 y/o client: (showing me her nail polish) I like having my nails done.

Me: Yeah, they look nice!

Client: I wish you could have yours done, too.

Kid Quotes

This is doubly true if you think about it

6 y/o client: I like Darth Vader.

Me: Why?

Client: Because he’s black.

Kid Quotes

Oh no! You’ve ruined my plan! Wait, if I take that trade, then there’s a small chance that my plan may yet prevail! Haha!

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Friday Haha - That's What He Said

Our house is in the middle of some exceptionally level 15 Tetris type autism. I think it’s the combination of the insane, too-hot-for-the-devil heat, last minute scheduling change, puberty, and just his general want to get back into school. 263 more words

Why are all my sweetest kids leaving my caseload

5 y/o client: I’m gonna go to Dizzywan (Disneyland)!

Me: Wow, that’s so cool!

Client: You wanna go to Dizzywan with me?

Kid Quotes

When I need you, I need you.

V: Is that poison ivy?
D: No.
V: Is it banana?


“Daddy, take a shower. Your armpits are stinky.” – Talia, when I leaned over her to help her at breakfast. 39 more words

Kid Quotes