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The Things They Say

I realize that kid quotes generally aren’t absorbing to people other than their parents. However, this is first and foremost a (very rarely updated) family journal so here goes. 478 more words

Bless your little heart

Me: Hi!

Client: Hi!

Me: It’s nice to meet you!


Client’s Mom: What do you say?

Client: I love you. 8 more words

Kid Quotes

Kid Quotes

Talking to students during group discussion, "Make sure to give everyone a
chance to speak. Try not to only pick your friends."

Students, "But..... Ms. Gutierrez we're all friends in the class."

I love this!

They see me rollin', hibernatin'

Me: Bears live in the woods. They like to eat honey. Where do bears live?

Client: In the hoods!

Kid Quotes

Sure, kid. She's on my side


Boy: The policeman is gonna come put her in jail because she didn’t give it. 40 more words

Kid Quotes

Child's play

Big Brother enjoys playing with swords. Soft of course, but swords (and light sabers) are a very big hit right now. As we were playing today, I got both of his legs in one go because he let his focus wander. 248 more words

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