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On the upswing

Monday comes around just in time to lift my spirits once more. It’s the best feeling when I’m unsure of how my lesson will go, and then I get into the class and start teaching and suddenly everything is clicking and the students are responding well and it’s flowing smoothly and they understand and they’re having fun. 769 more words


My kids are taking me, literally

My brilliant gymnastics teammate from college, Carolyn, is a real-life actress. And I really love one of her recent comedy sketches about children as the “Literal Police.”  First, check it out: 883 more words


Out of the mouth of babes

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it, but I’m currently working as a long term Spanish sub for K-5. My day typically starts off in 5th grade and ends in kindergarten or 1st grade land. 355 more words

College Grad

My cup runneth over

I think my blog boils down to two main topics:

  1. I’m stressed and tired, whine whine complain complain.
  2. I’m happy and the kids are hilarious. Isn’t life great?
  3. 761 more words
Life In Korea

More happy things

It’s difficult to come up with a unique title for my posts sometimes when I just want to post another batch of kid quotes!

Some days, the kids keep me sane with their hilarious comments. 571 more words


Week in Review

Friday is such an easy day for me. Beyond the obvious TGIF reason, it’s the day when I have tweaked and perfected my lesson to the point that everything runs smoothly and I have the timing down so there’s no unfinished sections and no running out of activities and having a moment of internal panic before coming up with something on the fly. 728 more words

Life In Korea

Things that make a teacher's heart happy

There is this girl in one of my high level 2nd grade classes who is hilarious. She’s bright, energetic, and crazy smart and has one of the highest English levels I’ve encountered in any of my 700 kids. 390 more words