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My little healer

A conversation Big Brother and I had today:

B: Mama, what are those? (Touches my lower earlobes.)

M: Those are holes for earrings.

B: If someone pulled on them, they would rip out and hurt you. 121 more words

Young Living


“Peoples like momma milk.” – Talia, while nursing.

*      *      *

“What-do-doing, daddy?” -Talia, asking what I’m doing.

*      *      *

“Go so fast! on my cy-gul-gul.” – Talia, riding her tricycle. 236 more words

Kid Quotes

Sweet Nothings

Mommy, I don’t need anything else but you…”

…mumbled by a very sleepy almost-6yo-H3 this morning


#Kid #Quotes by Neil deGrasse Tyson

The problem is not scientifically illiterate kids: it is scientifically illiterate adults. Kids are born curious about the natural world. They are always turning over rocks, jumping with two feet into mud puddles and playing with the tablecloth and fine china.

~Neil deGrasse Tyson

Picture Book

Darndest Things: Issue Seven

Happy Friday, Friends! Start your weekend off right with a few laughs from these little ones…

Recently, I came home from the gym, and my three-year-old approached me, asking, “Can you talk like Yoda now, Mommy?” 748 more words


Sprussel brouts.

Way to suck the wind out of someone’s sail, #4

M: Daddy, how many pizzas are you making? Three?
D: No, two.
M: Two!? I’d think it’d take half as long as you’re taking to only make two. 133 more words

Kid Quotes

Is this a school or a zoo

I kid.

But surely this thought runs through every teacher’s head from time to time.

We’re into Week 2, we’ve picked up speed, we’re diving into the textbooks. 229 more words

Life In Korea