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inside-out this

“Can anyone be so still that they could feel a tree growing?” – Emeth


“The trees are wind-ing me off.” – Talia


“Can you inside-out this?” – Talia

Kid Quotes

You Did NOT Just Say That

If I didn’t vividly remember giving birth to these kids, I would think they came from someone else. Maybe when Sydney (age 8) tells me she is really an alien that was put in my tummy to grow up around humans I should listen… 514 more words

After watching Tarzan on Netflix:

Annie: “I never want to watch it again.”
Micaela: “I didn’t really like it.”
Emeth: “I liked it just a little bit.”
Vitalia: “I liked it.”

Kid Quotes

A: Come on, Baby, let’s watch a movie!
A: That’s okay. Mama’s just gonna watch a-ber-tizements.

Kid Quotes

My teeth are in fact my most complimented feature

Me: Did you go to the dentist, too?

Client: No, because look — 

Me: Oh, very nice teeth! How are mine? 

Client:  Really, really, really, really, pretty. 23 more words

Kid Quotes

"I want a mustang! and a green car!" and other things I hear from the backseat while driving my kids around.

As any parent or guardian knows, one of the many job titles you have is that of “chauffeur” (unpaid chauffeur who has to provide extra services such as counseling, therapy, entertainment, referring, feeding, deliveries, etc. 496 more words


I guess I need more beauty sleep

Kid: I’m four!

Another Kid: I’m four, too!

And Another Kid: I’m four, too!

Me: (joking) And I’m four, too!

Kids: Noooooo!

Kid: Nooo, you’re seventy-seven!

Kid Quotes