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Oh snap

Client: She had big earrings and she looked ugly. I’m just saying the truth here. 24 more words

Kid Quotes

Now I have Beyonce stuck in my head

5 y/o girl to me: If you were a boy and little like me, we could get married.

Kid Quotes

A zillion

E: Do you know how much is a zillion?
R: No, I’m sorry, bud.
E: Do you know how much is one-hundred-and-nine? That’s nine and two zeros, right? 217 more words


How oddly specific


Me: Do you say a lot of made-up things?

Client: No. I used to in 2012 to 2013. Well, it was December 30. 14 more words

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She's not wrong

Client: Color. Feather. Odor. (leans over to me and whispers) Usually it’s the men who have the odor. 12 more words

Kid Quotes

Thank you for clarifying

Me: What did you do today?

Client: Well, first I took a dump. No, that was the second part. First I woke up, THEN I took a dump.

Kid Quotes