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Not a fan of salt bae I guess


Client: I’m going to move to Hawaii soon.

Me: Wow!

Client: (pouty) I don’t want to live on an island.

Me: Why not?

Client: Too salty. 6 more words

Kid Quotes

One day you too will experience the life of a 9-5 job

Client: And then we get to go home!

Me: Yeah!

Client: Well, get to go home. You stay here.

Me: Yes.

Client: Because you work here. 7 more words

Kid Quotes

Leeland & Baby

Leeland has been super involved in this pregnancy.  I have never had this old of child, or this verbal, while being pregnant before and boy does that make a difference.   235 more words


Just a single pringle™ here

[When babysitting some kids, around the ages of 2, 5, and 7. Talking about birthdays.) 

Kids: How old are you?

Me: I’m turning 25.

Kids: And you’re not even married?? 10 more words

Kid Quotes

I'm gonna need some ice for that burn

Little girl: Are you a boy?

Me: What? No!

Little girl: But you don’t have any eyelashes.

Me: Um, no, everyone has eyelashes.

Her brother: Yeah, otherwise you couldn’t blink!

Kid Quotes

The Things They Say

I realize that kid quotes generally aren’t absorbing to people other than their parents. However, this is first and foremost a (very rarely updated) family journal so here goes. 478 more words