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(Sunday school lesson about Jesus’ betrayal. Throughout the following exchange, Kid 2 is sitting criss-cross applesauce, with his head down to the ground.)

Kid 1: Is Judas a girl? 28 more words

Kid Quotes

Do you smell something?

Client: Do you smell something?

Me: You can say, “Excuse me.”

Client: But do you smell something?

Me: …Yes.

Client: Is it fart? 11 more words

Kid Quotes

The rule of milk

‘Remember, make bubbles. That’s the rule of milk.’ – Emeth, to his sisters while drinking milk.

*      *      *

E: ‘How does milk come out of cows?’ 66 more words

Kid Quotes

Good cooker

‘I’m serious. Dohn tauk-a-me.’ – Vitalia (don’t talk to me)

*      *      *

Vitalia: We going a Anerson’s today?
Daddy: No, we’re going to the Malcolm’s in… 62 more words

Kid Quotes

There is no "I" in Mama

I said that to Big Brother today while he was making letters out of blocks because he exclaimed ‘Look, it’s an I! Like mama!’. He had been making the letter I and saying ‘I like I love you!’ which was adorable and accurate. 189 more words


More Kid Quotes & Conversations

Yesterday, when a kindergartner started yelling “boooooo” during my read-aloud, I was a little startled. That’s right. I got bood by a kindergartner. Another one then asked me why my front teeth are so big. 183 more words

Kid Quotes & Conversations

Me: “What does dramatic mean?” (after having read the word in a picture book).
Second grader #1: “If someone is acting, it’s dramatic”.
Second grader #2: “Actually there’s another meaning. 106 more words

Kid Quotes