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today is...

…the first snow. Snow! In Daegu! I honestly hadn’t expected to see snow much at all this winter, much less in November. But in the middle of a class, one of the kids yelled, “Teacher, snowing!” And we all cheered and clapped and dashed to the windows and opened them and had a mini celebration for the snow. 473 more words

Life In Korea

update: i'm alive. uninspired, but alive.

I’ve lost my muse, seemingly.

(Edit: This would imply that I had one to begin with. I’m not so sure about that.)

I have a few post ideas/scraps saved in my drafts folder, but when I pull them up to try to flesh them out into real posts, I hit that dead-end feeling that reminds me of trying to turn a collection of sources and quotations into a 10-page research paper when I was in college… a.k.a. 275 more words

Life In Korea

Kid Quotes

Upon discovering fall decorations put out around the house one afternoon, Addison declared, “Mom—you are rockin’ October!”

Caden found a small piece of glass by the stump in our back yard.   178 more words

Kid Quotes

The Reason Why

Every day of her almost four years of existence, we have fed Peace mostly healthy meals, we have made sure she was clean, we have given her clothes warm or cool enough for the weather, we have washed and folded and put away said clothes COUNTLESS times, we have given her warm and comfortable beds with cute sheets and blankets, we have played with her, 1,123 more words

Thing 5: Peace

Darndest Things: Issue Three

My youngest son, Miles, is two-and-a-half — one of my favorite ages.

Kids this age crack me up as they transition from the baby stage to the kid stage. 802 more words


Things Kids Say - Week 2

I want to start off by saying a huge thank you to everyone who read, liked, commented, and shared last week’s post: My Kids’ Quotes of the Week… 515 more words


Love, Marriage, and Other Options

PRIORITIES: the things that someone cares about and thinks are important

This week has seen more than its share of conversations about love and marriage at our house.

215 more words
Kid Quotes