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suddenly, summer

I mean, I’m used to it because it’s often the same in my state back home, but we really barely got a spring this year. 616 more words

Life In Korea

Darndest Things: Issue Six

My boys are three, four, and seven at the moment, so it’s a zoo here a lot of days.

K, most days.

I must say, though, for every stubborn, sassy, screamy moment, there’s also a hysterical one… 991 more words


The cute and the crazy

I had a class last year that was off-the-walls crazy and wild, but they somehow managed to be crazy in the most adorable and endearing way. 1,020 more words

Life In Korea

...and dead

After telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood before bed.

M: Daddy, is that based on a true story.
D: No, I don’t think so, since wolves can’t really talk. 108 more words

Kid Quotes

Apropos of nothing...

…here’s a fat, warm, happy baby.

A month or two ago Jack asked to hold Josie. I settled the baby on his lap. After a minute he sighed contentedly and gushed: “ so squishy.” Exactly.

uncomposed thoughts

You’re so much more at the mercy of the weather when you don’t own a car. In America, if it was unexpectedly raining and I was caught without an umbrella,  it’s just a three-second dash to the car. 743 more words

Life In Korea

Spring Break in Pictures & Quotes, part 2

The morning we left Flagstaff, we had the hotel’s free breakfast: cereal, waffles, eggs, juice, toast, muffins… The kids were in their glory.  The breakfast area was very pretty, but they were not thinking about Families of Eight when they designed it.   1,205 more words

Thing 5: Peace