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My teeth are in fact my most complimented feature

Me: Did you go to the dentist, too?

Client: No, because look — 

Me: Oh, very nice teeth! How are mine? 

Client:  Really, really, really, really, pretty. 23 more words

Kid Quotes

"I want a mustang! and a green car!" and other things I hear from the backseat while driving my kids around.

As any parent or guardian knows, one of the many job titles you have is that of “chauffeur” (unpaid chauffeur who has to provide extra services such as counseling, therapy, entertainment, referring, feeding, deliveries, etc. 496 more words


I guess I need more beauty sleep

Kid: I’m four!

Another Kid: I’m four, too!

And Another Kid: I’m four, too!

Me: (joking) And I’m four, too!

Kids: Noooooo!

Kid: Nooo, you’re seventy-seven!

Kid Quotes

Five Year Old Quotes

From the kid who says things like, “I like hot pants. They keep me warm”, here’s a list of R’s five-year-old quotes for you. (Yes, I know he’s seven now. 714 more words

Toddler Life

The Mouths of Babes

Kids say funny, amazing, blunt, insightful, crazy things. Hearing these things has been one of the many unexpected thrills of parenthood. These little people are so full of surprises and depth. 1,320 more words

I feel your pain

5 y/o boy: (looking downtrodden) Today I’m sad again.

Me: (genuinely concerned) I’m sorry, what happened?

Boy: You know watermelon juice? I wanted it at school. But they ran out.

Kid Quotes

Yes...but no.

Boy: There’s a lot of brown people over there.


Me: Oh, you don’t say things like that.

Boy: But there are, right? Like that’s the color of their face and their legs and their body. 54 more words

Kid Quotes