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Is there a kids' show about kangaroos I don't know about

4 y/o boy: It’s cold! I’m a cold kangaroo.

Boy: He’s as mean as a mean kangaroo.

Me: How come everything is about kangaroos?

Boy: I mean, as mean as a mean whale. 34 more words

Kid Quotes

Do i look so bad that it looks like i survived a vicious attack?


Boy: I like sharks.

Me: I like sharks, too!

Boy: It got you?

Me: What?

Boy: It eat you? 23 more words

Kid Quotes

A Teacher Gift You Should Start on NOW

For many of us, school is just getting started.  End of year teacher gifts are FAR off of our radar. We are miles away from Teacher Appreciation Week (thank goodness. 391 more words


I don't even know. That was just out of left field.

Me: We’re going to watch some videos of my friend, Pogg.

Client: That’s not your friend, Pogg. That’s your dad.

This is what Pogg looks like:  12 more words

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I can't tell if this is sweet or salty

3 y/o client: (showing me her nail polish) I like having my nails done.

Me: Yeah, they look nice!

Client: I wish you could have yours done, too.

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This is doubly true if you think about it

6 y/o client: I like Darth Vader.

Me: Why?

Client: Because he’s black.

Kid Quotes

Oh no! You’ve ruined my plan! Wait, if I take that trade, then there’s a small chance that my plan may yet prevail! Haha!

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