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for the love of junk food

I remember the first time my oldest son ate a chicken nugget. We still lived in Brooklyn and he was not quite walking yet, so around the one-year-old mark. 929 more words

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Teaching Your Children to Save

Written by Bennett Queen, Greater Nevada Credit Union

When did you first learn about money? Many people are taught the value of a dollar at a young age, and that then shapes the way they spend money the rest of their lives. 655 more words

Kid Stuff

Easter 2017

Random side note: was cleaning out the hall closet, and found an old purse.  With an old memory card stashed in a pocket. With some old pictures still on it. 408 more words


Week in Review - Mid-April Update

I am posting because I meant to do a mid-April post but it’s the 18th which is practically the 20th and SERIOUSLY WHERE DID APRIL GO. 1,114 more words


Art Wall

Lili has been taking art classes for about 3 years now.  She LOVES art and each year I see improvement in her art skills.

She has sat under 3 different art instructors and she seems to be learning the most about technique from her current instructor. 359 more words

Kid Stuff

Fake it Til You Make it: A Dad's Guide to Minecraft, Pokemon, and More

“Mega Rayquayza is so powerful! Right?”

“I’m going to need more obsidian if I’m going to make a nether portal.”

If you’ve ever heard phrases like this in your household, you probably have a kid who’s in to Pokemon or Minecraft. 718 more words

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