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Our Little Marshmallow Went The Distance...

Earlier this summer (when the weather was half decent, before the August and September rain set in), Kiwi Daughter went on a hiking trip with a group of girl friends. 925 more words


Lunch With The Kid

The other day I took myself out to lunch; something I really enjoy. I always bring a book, and read while enjoying my meal. Of course I like going out to lunch with friends or with the Crankee Yankee, but sometimes I just like to dine on my own. 632 more words

Kid Stuff

Labor Day Weekend, 2017

Hey, you guys!¬† I’m back! We did our usual Labor Day tradition and hit up Chicago for the long Labor Day weekend, and I’ve got some pictures to share. 1,940 more words

Blah Blah Blah Weekly Stuff.

Week in Review - the rest of August 2017

Hey guys. Here’s some Pete.

Gotta grab photos of that kid when he’s willing, you know?

So!¬† Rest of August, like as in last month! I went to a friend’s birthday party, which meant hanging out with ~30 people I did not know, most of whom mostly spoke Spanish, but my weirdy introvert self got over the awkwardness of it all and actually had a good time, even made some new friends and stuff, SO THERE. 382 more words


The Ultimate Snack Cup!

 Munchie Mug

I am sure you have all tried one snack cup or another. You know, the ones with the plastic lids cut into funny shapes that supposedly keep the treats contained while still allowing your child to reach in and snack independently. 358 more words

Litterless Lunch

Count on me...

So my first day in Grad school didn’t go quite as planned. I got to my class, took out my materials and waited for the professor. 686 more words

Life Stuff

F: French Toast and Farm Animals

Today’s F activities included French Toast for breakfast, The Flintstones movie, Farm animals on ABC Mouse, and Fried Food for dinner, ha! We’ve been a little limited on activity ideas this week because of Hurricane Irma prep. 154 more words