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Storystorm Day 17: "The Artist's Gift" by Laurie Ann Thompson

by Laurie Ann Thompson This past November, the world shifted. For some, that feels like a good thing—they see things in our world that frighten or disgust them and believe that huge changes a… 23 more words

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Survival Guide: Changing Table Necessities

While we were setting up our son’s nursery I had a ton of questions about what I would need handy at his changing table (and how would I survive these terrifying diaper blowouts everyone talks about)?!.   1,177 more words


Storystorm Day 16: "Social Media Inspires Social Awareness" by Brenda Reeves Sturgis

by Brenda Reeves Sturgis As writers, we must ALL strike while the iron is hot. Every writer tries to get into the castle (the publishing houses) over the drawbridge. 56 more words

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Storystorm Day 15: "The Day-Job Rule" by Jason Kirschner

by Jason Kirschner If you can stick with this post all the way to the end, you’ll find my little bio where it is clearly states that “author/illustrator” is not my day job. 28 more words

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15 January 2016

A quickie.  Pictures with their favorite person these days.

And a video for Muzzy and Poppy :)  Click on the caption to get to Instagram! 52 more words


Storystorm Day 14: "Guard Your Ideas Like Gold" by Marcie Colleen

  by Marcie Colleen When Tara asked me to blog for Storystorm I knew right away that there were two points I wanted to make. Ideas can come from the most random and wackiest places. 24 more words

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2017 - mid-January update

Getting this in the books before the year is out (haha you think I am joking but NO AT THIS POINT  I FEEL LIKE WHEN IN THE WORLD DO I HAVE TIME TO BLOG NEVER NEVER NEEEEEVERRRRRRRRR.)’ 873 more words