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Rainy days and a sick Jude

Not even a month in to the school year and Jude has caught a bug.  Nothing too crazy but he was sniffly and has a cough that made me want to keep him home today.  264 more words

Kid Stuff

Into the woods to Grandmother's house...

I know I’ve been away for a while but I’ve been enjoying life. And working. Fussing with teenagers, setting up a house (I know…a never ending project) and welcoming a new grandson. 483 more words

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Lake Life 2017, Part I

Usually I post pictures on Facebook of our vacation adventures, but that didn’t happen this time. I just could not stomach it. It would be careless and negligent of me to post anything here, in fact, without adding some words about the horrific, hateful actions of white supremacists in Charlottesville over the past weekend. 1,782 more words


Blink And You Miss It, But A Little Experience Not To Be Missed...

Visiting Gouda’s “Stadhuis” (Town Hall) you should know that the building has a special treat for young children if they are present two minutes after the striking of the hour and half hour of  the “ 713 more words


The Fainting Child

Have you ever seen someone faint? Their body goes stiff, their eyes roll into the back of their heads, and down they go. Now imagine the person fainting is your child. 453 more words


Kid Update


Guess who started sleeping through the night consistently? It lasted for two whole weeks. Then E had a session of botox and phenol to loosen his leg muscles, and boy, were they tight, and suddenly — no more night sleeping. 398 more words

Gardening with Ev and Little Projects

Today was Jude’s first day of kindergarten.  There were tears on my end last night as I searched through old albums and came across pictures of Jude when he was a baby and a toddler…its like I’m a glutton for punishment or something.  528 more words

Kid Stuff