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Potty Training Made Easy

Teaching a child to use the toilet isn’t so hard once you figure out how to do it. We all go to the bathroom to do our business but how do you teach someone that the urge to go means go to the potty? 520 more words


Fun Questions

The typical three year old tends to ask their weight in questions and then some. With most of these questions being the ever famous “why?”  216 more words


Week stuff 8-30

Tired. Not sure why, not the most grueling of weekends, but then again: 3 workouts, 2 spin classes, and 1 sleep-deprived toddler. Plus lots of house cleaning, closets organized, floors cleaned countless times (gawd, toddlers are messy things), and I randomly re-potted several plants. 128 more words


Baby Carrying & Things My Kid's Say

It’s that time again. One week, actually 6 days. The iconic Adam Sandler chime is on repeat in my head… “Back to school, back to school…” 765 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Geek Desk

     When I found this smart fabric I knew it would be on my next desk project.  With this desk you can find algorithms, the periodic table, beakers filled with colorful liquids, eyeglasses and bow ties. 145 more words

Did Someone Say Free?

Who doesn’t love free things? I get emails all the time about free baby or kid stuff whether it be clothing items, stuff for pregnant moms, sometimes toys and the most exciting right now…a free photo book from Shutterfly.com! 181 more words