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E is doing his thing. We bookended our holiday travels with his doctor appointments. Not a great idea in hindsight, nope. But we got through it with minimal tears and lots of family and friend goodtimes.   629 more words

Wives Tales For Baby Mast #2

(photos by j&a photography)

Will Emerson have a little brother or sister?  Here is the rundown of wives tales and answers for you to make your picks! 363 more words

5 Minutes

What can I do in 5 minutes?

Undecorate the RV. Seriously!

Make lunch for my honey.

Make the bed (it DOES take that long…just try making a bed in an RV). 63 more words

An Easy Solution For An Irritating Problem…

My New Zealand Grandmother always said that: “someone was either a Cook, or a Baker”.

She meant that when you turned your hand to creating wonderful food in your kitchen, you either excelled naturally at making things like great roast dinners and beautiful stir fries or you were a wonder at making huge, light, airy cakes that would be the envy of many. 1,081 more words


winter camping and sick babies

I welcomed Jude’s winter break with open arms!  A chance to sleep in a little and not have to worry about packing school lunches for a few weeks is my idea of a good time these days…winter break also means anything goes so we planned a quick camp trip to Polihale.  438 more words

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our sweet Emilia.

Hi. My name is Alison and I have FOUR kids now :)

I hadn’t logged on to WordPress since my last post 2 years ago almost. 2,390 more words

Kid Stuff

Favorite Children's Books - Winter Edition

Winter-Themed Books

Whether it is the first snowfall, the winter solstice or the first day school is cancelled, winter books are great to read to get in the mood to go out and enjoy the cold or curl up with a book and some hot cocoa. 469 more words

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