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Bobby's Turn- Badlands National Park

Today was awesome! First thing this morning we went on the Notch Trail and hiked up some giant spires!

We also had to climb up this very steep ladder that lead to the top of one of the spires. 162 more words


Joey's Turn- Hidden Lake Trail at Glacier

At Glacier we went up to Logan’s Pass in a shuttle. We were the last stop. When we got off we saw snow in summer! … 210 more words


Sunblast Corner- Rain

Today it is rainy. Rain is good for plants. Plants grow because of water. Rain is water dripping from the sky real fast. I like rain when it waters my plants for me. 9 more words


Sunblast Corner

On To Reading

Today, I know more about reading. Reading is good to know. I read about sharks. Sharks are under water creatures.

I also read about cats like Cheetahs. 14 more words

Wild Homeschool

Sunblast Corner, A kid's perspective on homeschooling

Learning about things.

I like to learn about sharks. I think that underwater creatures are the best creatures. Now that I think about underwater creatures I like the megalodon shark the best. 78 more words