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Siria, la bambina scambia la fotocamera per un arma e si arrende

Nel 2014, stando ai dati in possesso del Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, la guerra civile in Siria ha causato la morte di 76.000 persone, di cui piĆ¹ di 3.500 bambini. 249 more words

*Insert Generic April Fools Day Story Here*

When I was a kid, April Fools Day was my Christmas. Every year I woke up and let the gears in my menacing brain turn, thinking of original pranks to play on my family and friends. 359 more words

The Unconventional Liar...

So one day, I met with a friend of mine. She’s a really close friend, like reaaaaaaaaaaaaally close. #clingy Well, she’s having this project she needs and she wanted a subject for her project. 544 more words


What are some of the things you recall from your childhood?

  • I once killed a fly and afterwards, I felt horrible and held a funeral for it…
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