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How my Introversion started

I’m going to go back. Back as far as I can remember. Kindergarten to be exact, me at the age of 5 years old. I remember my teacher Mrs. 4,625 more words

Operation Try New Restaurants: November

November came around and I…didn’t really try.

But I did hit up the Farm Stand in South Portland with H one rainy day while E was at an appointment. 266 more words


Writing prompt : coherent

“why can’t i wait in the car?” Ben whined as he followed Lucy into the special children care center, she smiled at his childish behavior and just kept walking, slowly he became more focused on the swing of her hips and less on where she was taking him. 218 more words



Everything that sounds cool to a kid, makes them think it’s good quality.

Hilarious mind fuck.

China plays God: Gene-Edited Babies

“The twins, called Lulu and Nana, reportedly had their genes modified before birth by a Chinese scientific team using the new editing tool CRISPR. The goal was to make the girls immune to infection by HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. 74 more words


"On YouTube, a network of pedophiles is hiding in plain sight"

Videos of children showing their exposed buttocks, underwear and genitals are racking up millions of views on YouTube – with the site displaying advertising from major cosmetics and car brands alongside the content. 94 more words


Do Kids Have Time to “Day Dream” or “Free Play” Anymore?

As we have established, I
grew up in the South and I am an only child. As a kid, I had countless hours
that I had to occupy by myself. 1,566 more words