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Shit My Kids Do: Break Things

Recently I had the pleasure of subbing in a second grade classroom and it is astonishing the amount of things that are declared broken by them. 733 more words


Dictionary Head Show illustrations

These are some illustrations I made for Nancilee Wydra – the author of a lot of cute verse for kids. This project is called “Dictionary Head Show” and each illustration represents a new vocabulary word for little kids.


Ask the grumpies: How do you pick a preschool?

Leah asks:

How do you pick preschool? Our best options are the Catholic school ($6,300 tuition, and that includes lunch and the before/after care, but Catholic school), public school ($6,300 tuition and does NOT include those things, so we’d pay an extra $2k for lunch and care), or staying at our current daycare/preschool that our daughter seems to be aging out of (~$5,500ish, includes full day, breakfast, lunch, all snacks and no random vacation days).

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Easy Slice-and-Bake Cookies

I am always looking for easy recipes to help keep up with my three kids and their constant demands for something sweet. I don’t like to buy packaged cookies for many reasons but mainly as they are made with palm oil, vegetable shortening, numerous chemicals and preservatives. 392 more words


New Jobness

My Freshman Teacher Mrs. Onsted-sorry if I misspell your name in advance Mrs. O-told me that if I didn’t improve my work ethic the roads I’d be on were going to take me places I didn’t want to be and now days I think she might’ve been right (partly). 928 more words



The Promposal

So my son was denied because he didn’t do a promposal? But he didn’t like the girl in the first place. He was just trying to follow orders, get a partner for the prom. 150 more words