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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

What It Is: An awesome way to get into the swing of things. The MaxSport Lazer Pitch machine is unique because it truly doesn’t require another player – your kid has a button on their bat that controls when the ball is released, giving them ample time to prep between pitches. 101 more words

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Mama Mavens

Take a look at the photo below and tell me what you see…is it a stylish young woman with a cool, eye-catching tote? Well forgive me for tricking you – but you’re wrong (kinda)! 869 more words

Dress You Up In My Love

New Kid On The Blocks

What It Is: Another week, another baby gift idea. What can I say? I’ve spent a lot of time in the baby sections of shops since the arrival of my new niece – who I finally get to meet this week in person! 212 more words

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What Dreams Are Made Of

What It Is: I should have known better. As I’ve mentioned, I recently became a first-time auntie to a little princess named Lilia. I went on a shopping spree for my niece and along the way, spotted these entirely frivolous but beautifully made petticoat onesies from a brand called Olivia Rose. 222 more words

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Toy Oh Toy

I actually highlighted today’s featured brand back over the holiday season. But with a bit more breathing room outside of the madness of that time, I thought it was time to give… 1,178 more words

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Play It Cool

What It Is: My sister’s having a baby relatively shortly so I’ve got my eye more keenly fixed on baby items – like this revolutionary toy that grows up alongside your wee one up until they’re toddlers. 163 more words

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Styling Assignment: Kiddie Corner

Last Thursday (November 20), a close family friend (practically relatives!) went home to spend her birthday here with us in Bohol and we went swimming with my little doll to the hotel where she’s staying. 244 more words