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Colour Pop

What It Is: A way cute concept: bandoliers designed to hold your little one’s crayons. For the unfamiliar, a bandolier is more commonly used as a shoulder belt for stashing bullets – but that concept has been neutered with these charming cotton blend straps that ensure your child’s creative tools are always at their fingertips. 103 more words

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The Design Force

What It Is: As I mentioned in this month’s 10 for $10, nerd culture is mainstream these days, which means the hype for the new Star Wars film this year is bigger than ever. 194 more words

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Block Party

What It Is: Sid Dickens is an artist – and now, a Canadian company – based in B.C. In the mid-90s, a client happened to be visiting Sid’s studio when he noticed a collection of small plaques, and immediately saw them as individual little works of art, snapping up a whopping 400 for them. 375 more words

Home Run

Wet Wars

What It Is: Super Soakers have come a long way from when I was a kid. These days Nerf offers over a dozen different styles for guys and gals (through their Rebelle line), each with their own unique features and functions – but all of which are designed to get your opponents soaked this summer. 142 more words

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Kid City

What It Is: A Pottery Barn Kids recently opened up in my city. To be honest, I haven’t had much reason to visit the pint-sized version of Pottery Barn in the past, but I have featured items from… 437 more words

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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

What It Is: An awesome way to get into the swing of things. The MaxSport Lazer Pitch machine is unique because it truly doesn’t require another player – your kid has a button on their bat that controls when the ball is released, giving them ample time to prep between pitches. 101 more words

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Mama Mavens

Take a look at the photo below and tell me what you see…is it a stylish young woman with a cool, eye-catching tote? Well forgive me for tricking you – but you’re wrong (kinda)! 869 more words

Dress You Up In My Love