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How To Protect Your Kids During A Divorce

Separating from your partner is never easy, but matters only become more complicated when there are children involved. That is why you need to create a clear plan of action. 493 more words

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Santa's Shortlist: Fisher-Price Gift Ideas for the Perfect Playdate

So I’ve covered off an entire gift guide for kids, as well as one for babies and toddlers this year, but I couldn’t resist taking one last dip into the kid-friendly pool with a look at some super fun and creative ideas from Fisher-Price. 941 more words

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Holiday Reads: Best Books for Kids 2017

My first book post of the year is a new one – books for kids! I absolutely love gifting little ones with books to help foster a lifelong love of reading – and capture their imaginations while they’re still little. 1,584 more words

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Pop Goes The...: Get Ready to Have a Blast with Blast Box

What It Is: I like to think of today’s gift idea as a more explosive version of say…Jenga. The gist of this family-friendly game called Blast Box is you blow up one balloon for each player and add it to the base. 319 more words

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Chic Baby: Juniper Dragon Will Make You Love Local

What It Is: Juniper Dragon is a lil’ brand for lil’ ones, based in B.C. Their focus? Babies (and mamas), with adorable prints and fabrics sourced primarily locally here in Canada that are then transformed into items made right here as well. 112 more words

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5 Gifts From...QE Home

I noticed recently that the brand formerly known as ‘Quilts Etc.’ is now QE Home. I have to say I’ve been impressed that a mall store that sells primarily linens has ‘survived’ amidst the rise of the big box store and online shopping, but here we are. 297 more words

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The Light Stuff: A Little Lovely Company Lives Up To Its Name

What It Is: A Little Lovely Company is brand out of the Netherlands that specializes in supremely cute accessories for the little ones. What caught my eye in particular was their lighting products, which include rechargeable tabletop and wall plug-in nightlights, LED neon-style wall lights, and those uber-popular lightboxes that you can tailor with your own messages. 124 more words

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