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Whales: Reality Versus Fiction

In Following Papa’s Song, by Gianna Marino, a curious whale calf named Little Blue prepares to migrate. “It is time?” Little Blue wonders. “Listen for the other whales,” Papa explains. 778 more words


New Releases!

Howdy, all!

I finally got off my duff and released a couple of stories I’ve been sitting on for a while.

Jerrung and the Kwaad Cavern… 287 more words


Darlene Foster launching new book in her series

Darlene Foster is excited to announce the release of her new book, Amanda in New Mexico: Ghosts in the Wind.

About the book

Amanda Ross is on a school trip to Taos, New Mexico. 159 more words

Literary Events

Duct Tape!

Here’s another thing the EngiNerds love, and maybe even more than catapults and robots: duct tape. Yes, that ultra sticky, silvery gray stuff that there’s most likely a roll of somewhere in your basement. 819 more words


Cream of the Crop

Last week I took a class for my never ending journey towards a certificate in Children’s Lit. Why this seems like a never ending journey is a story for another day. 161 more words

Public Library

Review: Gobi : A Little Dog with a Big Heart

Gobi: A little Dog with a Big Heart by Dion Leonard, Illustrated by Lisa Manuzak

I got this picture book from Netgalley.

In times, when humans are still adversaries with each other on petty considerations like color of skin or choice of God and religion, this is a cute, and heart-warming story of bonding between a human being and an unknown stray dog, in a rugged terrain. 312 more words