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Hydrangea: A Pretty Flower with a Nutritional Punch

The hydrangea plant is an herbaceous, perennial shrub recognized by its beautiful white, snowball-shaped blooms. A popular ornamental, botanical, and horticultural plant, there are over twenty varieties of hydrangea worldwide. 329 more words

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10 Essential Tips to Maximize Kidney Cleansing

In the same way air filters remove dust, pollen, and other allergens, the kidneys remove wastes and toxins from the blood. Modern environmental pollutants, UTIs… 1,095 more words

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What Is Gravel Root?

Gravel root, also known as Joe Pye weed, is a therapeutic herb that’s been around for centuries. Historical records from Turkey indicate its use as early as the B.C. 623 more words

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Marshmallow Root and Kidney Health: 4 Facts to Know

When it comes to protecting the body, a discussion involving the best ways of keeping the heart, brain, and digestive tract strong is almost always brought up. 503 more words

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Uva Ursi: 6 Facts to Know

The leaves of bearberry, or uva ursi as it is often called, have played an important role in kidney and urinary health around the globe for centuries. 592 more words

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Herbal Treatment For Kidney Cleansing To Detox Kidneys Naturally

Kidney serves as one of the most important parts of human body, and its primary job is to filter out all the wastes and toxins from the blood. 494 more words

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What Is Horsetail? Discover Its Benefits and Uses

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is a therapeutic plant found in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.[1] Also known as horse bristle, scouring rush, and shave grass, horsetail is a legitimate living fossil that even predates the dinosaurs. 894 more words

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