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The Many Faces of Brain Awareness Week

This March, we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Brain Awareness Week (BAW)! It’s come a long way in the last two decades, from an initial 160 partners in the United States to more than 520 partners in 59 countries and 44 states last year. 57 more words


Riding to Adventure

Thunderer decided that she wanted to watch what Superman was playing on his 3DS.

What better position than hopping on his back?

“What brother, go that way!” she seems to be saying to him… if he’s even noticed her on him. :p



Serious Potential 

In a lesson about classifying units of measurement…

Co-teacher: “So ounces and pounds measure WEIGHT. What do inches, centimeters, and feet measure?”

Student (raising hand enthusiastically): “Stuff!” 34 more words


Growing as a mom

Last night while we were driving Mr. A to ChunJiDo, Mr. E asks me if he can walk to school with his friends.  Of course my first response was no.  282 more words


My Students Were Worried About Me

Student 1: “Miss Emily! Feeling better?”

Other 29 students: <silence. No aknowegement of my existence.>

It’s good to be back.


It's Time For Dodger Baseball!

Today marks the start of another season for the Los Angeles Dodgers! The 2015 season to be exact. And in celebration that this day has come, I’m going to be a proud parent, and brag a bit by sharing an original, narrated video by my son Isaac. 106 more words


I'm Not Upset - Why are You?

I cannot tell y’all how many times I’ve asked my husband this question: “Well, how would you feel if you were in my shoes?” and gotten this inane, frustrating response: “I’d feel fine!” 447 more words