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Little Miss Manners

I cannot believe it – My little Hailey just turned six! She has wonderful friends, and received more birthday gifts than a little girl knows what to do with. 328 more words


Ok. I get it. 

Kid (pointing to the messy bun piled on top of my head): “My mom wears her hair like that when she does laundry.”

Me: “Oh, perfect.” 29 more words


Sometimes They Fall to the Ground Before They Fly Away

“Sometimes when they leave the nest, they have to fall to the ground before they learn to fly.”

I was at a swim meet this past weekend, talking to a longtime coach friend of mine. 463 more words


Young Love...Or Is It?

I still remember my first crush on a boy. I remember his name, what he looked like and where we were when we met. It was primary school and every day we would play together at recess. 484 more words


Today, Junior

During a whole-group lesson about personification, writing a poem with the kids.

Us: “How can we personify the sound leaves make in the breeze?”

Kid (raises hand): <makes loud breathing noise> … 50 more words


Scrapes and scratches

Boys are wild. This shouldn’t be new to me by now, but the amount of falls I witness on a weekly basis is astonishing. Everett’s legs are in a constant state of bruising, scabbing or bleeding and after a recent ‘too small rain boot’ blister experience I realized that I need to have a first aid kit in the car at all times. 83 more words