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Let's Talk About Sex (Baby🎼)

Cut me some slack….I’m old. Songs play in my head all the time, and if you don’t get my reference, then this blog is definitely meant for you. 1,345 more words

Life Lessons

Safety Check

Little Miss hoisted Thunderer up so that Pops could double check her lifejacket before heading out on the boat.

She seemed to enjoy being hoisted too.



Superman Driving

Superman got a chance to drive the boat too!

Pops stayed nearby to help but even at this angle you can see signs of his grin.



Bommala koluvu 

When me and my brother were kids, every year during Dasera we had bommala koluvu at our house. My grand parents also had one. Infact pretty much everyone in our family had one. 255 more words


His Teenage Name Day

Sitting in the stands at yesterday’s late afternoon soccer game, I held my breath when my son got the ball in front of the goal. 122 more words

A Letter to Juliette

Sweet girl. My beautiful treasure.

Oh I’d hoped for you.

I heard the sonogram lady say “ah, looks like it’s a little girl”. Simple words to her. 686 more words


The Toughest Job of All

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the one thing that truly changed my life forever. There comes a point in time when you are completely transformed and there is no chance in you know what that you can ever go back to being the same as you were before. 157 more words