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Caturday Cuddle Buddies

Little Miss was home sick, so that seemed like a good time for Lady Grey and Big Red to hop up on the couch and join her while she read. 38 more words


Pink Cheeks

Superman was the next one hit by the virus that floated around the family.

Poor little guy had quite the fever and was just rather miserable. 19 more words


Extra scoop

I showed this to my daughter and she said, “What the heck?” Heehee.


Setting Limits & Unleashing the Warrior: The Paradox of Parenthood

Can we walk the line of unleashing our child’s inner Warrior and set limits?

I recently had a play date with a mother of two. With her newborn on her hip she recounted how different her kids were. 1,499 more words



The best part was when he got up and walked away, never even knowing I was there. At almost 50, I’ve still got it.

IPhone Photography

Birthday Candy

In what is both a blessing and a curse, Newbie’s birthday falls very close to Valentine’s Day.

Blessing? We can easily find hearts and pink things for her birthday. 15 more words