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Things My Parents Did That I Didn’t Understand Until I Had Kids


My parents would wake up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday only to head for a nap at 9. I never understood why. Why didn’t they just stay in bed? 742 more words


Different Park Visit

So while Redflare and TJ scaled a tree the other three kids enjoyed running between the tree and the playground equipment.

Thunderer requested the swings… 99 more words


Momtographie Week 2 Assignment

This week we stepped foot, for the first time, into the technical settings of our equipment. Having taken a photography class, I am already familiar with the exposure triangle. 321 more words



Dear Kids,

This is our Easter egg stash…

About 5 years ago I purchased one (1) dozen plastic Easter eggs for Kitten’s class egg hunt. I have not purchased eggs since. 105 more words


Out & About This Easter

I think basically anyone with kids, except maybe those with teenagers ;) , love getting out and about in the lovely Spring weather that is coming our way. 288 more words


Ya. I'm Awesome.

Dear Buddy,

Earlier this evening…

“Mom, do you like me?”

“Ya, Buddy, I like you.”

“Ya. I’m awesome.”

…and walks of with swagger. Swagger.


The Privilege of Service

I’ve stalled as long as I can tonight at the Single Mom Support Group. I’ve set up dinner. I got the childcare volunteers brought up to speed. 604 more words

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