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When Bedtime Stories Come to an End

To the sleeping baby I just laid down. Years from now you will have no recollection of these first years. Holding you while you drowsily finish the last sip of your bottle. 305 more words


Children's Museum's Blower

For the last post I thought sharing a pair of videos would work better than trying to describe them.

The device let kids craft objects to be flung into the air by the giant fan (or they could opt to use plastic bags.) 44 more words


Screen-Free Week: Kids, Teens, & Adults

Screen-Free Week is happening!

Kids, teens, and adults who register in person or online before April 27  can receive a free pass to the Recreation Center for the week of April 29 – May 5. 136 more words

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Children's Museum - Crafting Together

I thought this moment deserved its own seperate post.

There was a loft area where there were craft supplies. Pipe cleaners among them.

Newbie and Grandpa worked together up there…

To form an elephant.



Children's Museum Again

Like I said for yesterday’s post, we got a ton of pictures of this place. Thought it would be wise to break up the posts at least a little bit. 115 more words


Culver's Out

After dancing it was time to eat! Or was eating before? I can’t remember at this point.

Based on my shirt, I’m sure it was at least the same day as the dance recital though. 34 more words