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Parenting, Does It Get Any Easier

Sitting with one of my long time friends, she began talking about parenting and her two little ones.  She has a two and a half-year old and a ten month old. 415 more words


Read Me

Beauty in the day: Today I tricked a 3rd grade girl into reading her whole book. She was required to stay back from a field trip, and had a bit of an attitude. 332 more words


Shhhh, Hush Now 

A couple days ago, there was a tornado here in Glen Arbor, Michigan, where I am vacationing at a family friend’s lake house. When the tornado hit, I hid in a basement nook with 4 other adults and 2 young children. 145 more words


Steve McCroskey would understand

Another week has passed, hoorah! I lost the plot big time last Thursday. I was screaming, shouting, throwing things, basically putting some of Tig’s meltdowns to shame. 229 more words


We'll miss you, Ms. Roberts

With the beginning of a new school year quickly approaching, I find myself in the yearly mad rush to make all the final arrangements to ensure we have all the necessary school supplies, clothes ( 704 more words


Portrait of a Cat Lover, Part I

My friend Bill is a wonderful poet and a teacher of many things. Lately he’s been teaching me how to ease newly-introduced cats into a peaceful existence. 540 more words


Forever Friends

My older daughter had a close friend who moved away several years ago.  Despite good intentions, they’ve struggled to keep in touch.  Life gets busy, you know? 333 more words