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"She Followed Me Home"

The cat came back, the very next day… Following Little Miss home.

The thing TJ was holding? A pack of tuna.

Yes, they fed her. 25 more words


kids and gaming

I often feel as though this whole parenting gig has me overthinking pretty much everything. And then I look at the world, and what it’s become, and I have to remind myself that the life of a kid has become seriously complicated. 487 more words


the reality of pinterest and the peanut butter bird feeder

I had some extra toilet paper rolls. This is not surprising in a house with children.

I vaguely remembered making some sort of bird feeder out of them when I was small, so I thought it might be fun to try with the girls. 398 more words


A candid conversation about the anatomy of plants

Amelia and I were eating some of the previously mentioned strawberries for lunch.

Suddenly she said, “Mom look: stamens!”

And we started talking about how the green flowery-looking stem of a strawberry is actually the cover of the bud of the strawberry flower, and that the flower was pollinated by bees probably, but other animals can also pollinate, and then she adroitly finished the discussion with: 20 more words


Scare Tactics

last night I was in the middle of unloading the dishwasher and it was time for the kids to go to bed, so I asked Charlotte if she could help Peter brush his teeth. 51 more words



1. my phones screen saver of late. read it how you want to. love yourself so you can love others well. or love others so you can get love back. 419 more words