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"What Would You Call This?" - My Reel Kids

My son comes up with some pretty interesting things. This is tops so far. What would you even call this?!? And is it a dinosaur? Take a look for yourself in today’s “My Reel Kids” clip! 22 more words


Thursday Tips: How Many Licks Does It Take?

How many times does a child need to experience a food to taste it? That question could drive you mad, if you let it, because there is no magic number. 289 more words

Speech Therapy

Honey Weekend At Wave Hill

Honey Weekend is coming to Wave Hill October 17 and 18. The weekend is filled with family programs and events that will inspire people to cultivate a greater appreciation for bees and their vital importance to the natural world. 39 more words


How to Keep Your Kids Healthy Now that Schools Back!!

School is finally in full swing and fall is here, which means cooler days, more time spent inside soon, and that means our favorite people will be sharing sneezes, runny noses, coughs, and every other microscopic cootie out there! 375 more words


You Know Your Kids are Getting Older When...

Recently I’ve been noticing that my kids are definitely getting older in many ways. There are a few glaring instances that come to mind, as itemized in my top ten list: 275 more words


The one where one escapes and everyone panics...

I’d like to preface this story with a short disclaimer.  Yes, it’s another Schmemilie story.  I do have 2 children, I really do.  It’s just that Tilly is just so, well, complacent.   595 more words


Wine Harvest in Paris

It’s this time of the year again in Paris: time for the Harvest Festival in Montmartre.  This edition will be the 82nd Harvest Festival and the theme is “Our Planet”.   137 more words

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