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Fun family activities in New Caledonia

by Guest Author, Marie Nieves

Photo credit: Bruno Moure

If you’re planning a vacation to the South Pacific gem of New Caledonia, you won’t be disappointed. 684 more words

New Caledonia

Confident Sweetness

Thunderer, the day before her birthday…

She didn’t quite get that the next day was her birthday, but she seemed to bask in the excitement her older siblings had for her.



My Birthday Day!

Little Thunderer definitely knew it was a special day where she got to get away with more things than normal. She milked it, also refusing to fall asleep as easily as she usually did. 36 more words


Why do kids suck there fingers? What security blanket is this? Is sucking your finger the same as having body guard as a adult. I don’t get it. 14 more words


Reader’s Advisory Websites for Kids

By Katy Searcy, Children’s Department

Looking for a great book to get your kids excited about reading? Do you have a picky reader who absolutely must only read one particular genre? 560 more words


Thunderer At Three

Her birthday was 12/29 but I’m now catching up to pictures.

Behold the sleeping Thunderer early on compared to now.

Clearly ready to get into mischief. 7 more words


This Is When It Sucks to Be a Parent

This is when it sucks to be a parent. In no particular order and in no particular timeline. Feel free to add your own.

When your child is once again the target of a nasty, persistent group of children who punch them to the ground for fun, and then grin at you whilst the teachers turn a blind eye,   736 more words