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Little Miss Birthday

Heaven help me, I have two teenagers.

Yeah, we haven’t indoctrinated them into the Blizzard universe at all though. :p

Nope, not at all.

Ordered that plush when Blizzard made them available, they included the mini big head figure that happened to be 76 (some kind of mystery prize thing) by way of apology for taking so long with the order. 6 more words


5 O'Clock Selfie Tip Of The Day: Kids Make Photos Cuter

It’s one thing to post photos of yourself, but posting photos of yourself with a kid will instantly make your photo even more likable.

People love kids. 113 more words


Ebola Mom, Part 65

(Part of the Ebola Mom series)

No. I will be drunk.

And yes, thank you, I am quite excited for my shower, and you are so sweet to acknowledge that that will be a special event in my life!! 17 more words


Easter Gifts Every Girl With Adore From TownleyGirl

If you’ve followed my blog for even just a short bit, I’m sure you’ve come to realize that my daughter has quickly fallen in love with… 664 more words


Sick Thunderer

As a friendly reminder, this was from around mid-Feb, so no, she’s not sick right now.

Parenting life hack: buy puppy training pads for vomit absorption from the pets aisle rather than hospital type absorption pads from the pharmacy department. 13 more words


Guilt-free Chocolate Bliss Balls

So you might be confused right now: this is a baking blog, yet this isn’t a baking recipe, you might be thinking. Correct, I would reply. 435 more words