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5 Inspiring Instagram Backdrops

We all love sharing a beautiful photo on Instagram and we all love Milledgeville.

Often the background is equally as important as the subject in a photo.  270 more words


Cake Head

I’m not sure why she put a play counting/stacking cake on her head, but she did.

It became her chef’s hat as she delivered food to us.



Little looks: Fourth of July

It is hard to believe that Independence Day is right around the corner. Where in the heck did the month of June go?!

I am already working ahead on coordinating gear for the boys to last them the whole week! 80 more words


New games First Semester 2018

Have a view at which games were bought by the Club during the First Semester of 2018 660 more words


Good Morning

I’m not sure which youngling decided to wake me up early on a Sunday morning, but after getting them all something to eat they wanted to play. 46 more words


Cuddle Buddies

It’s good to be a kid on the weekend.

Winter outside still so may as well turn on the PS4, grab a blanket and hey look… a cat ends up in his lap.



Dear Camp Robindel

Dear Camp Robindel,

Sleep-away camp season is upon us, so I’m filling out an application for my daughter. She’s still in my womb. No, I’m not crazy. 340 more words