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Concept of Passing Time

I find passing of time funny….well may be not funny but more like intriguing. I felt it took an eternity for me to turn 10 and another lifetime to turn 20. 453 more words

Lung Cancer

7 suggestions for designing a new kitchen

The hubs and I have been talking about kitchens A LOT lately. And we’re not alone. It seems as though every time we mention the renovations in the new house, we discover someone else is also planning a facelift or in the midst of one or just finishing. 1,675 more words


Developments and demolition

The (de)construction crew has been hard at work on the new house, but someone else has been working even harder: Mother Nature. The early spring thaw has revealed the leaks in the flat roof, so that the kitchen ceiling both have office wall have steady drips and blistering floors. 676 more words

Valentine'$ Day

Valentine’s Day.  It is an overinflated, maniacal, money sucking, nationally-known-but-not-officially-recognized holiday.  Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh, but I can honestly say that if Valentine’s Day was revoked as a ‘holiday’, I wouldn’t shed one tear.  564 more words

Kids And Family


My six-year-old: “Mom, how come you have parents when you and Dad already are parents?”
Me: “Well, we were your age once. And parents are still parents, even after their kids grow up.” And then I started to go into how he also had aunts and uncles. 16 more words

N.R. Allen

'J' is for Germany

For as much as my kids drive me batty, they crack me up too.  Lately, they have been coming up with some pretty funny stuff.  Not only do they say silly things, but sometimes, they end up putting some of them down on paper (like schoolwork, which then makes me not so sure of what the teachers may be thinking about their parents).  515 more words

Kids And Family

The Way I Tend to Be

Being healthy has always (and I mean always-since my teenage years) been a large part of my life.  I have constantly thought about what I eat and about exercising.  792 more words

Kids And Family