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If wishes were fishes...

My parents, (and I am realizing pretty much everyone’s parents) would use these little catch phrases and idioms to remind me that life is here and now, and there is just not a whole lot you can do about that. 363 more words


The High Price Of Our Health

Okay, time for a rant… I am so sick of the outrageous prices that pharmaceutical companies are charging. It’s not just them it’s almost every business out there that does it. 600 more words


Falling with cake

I have been silent far longer than I like to be. Usually, I am pretty vocal about anything and everything going on in my life. Lately, life has decided to keep me moving at a pace where I cannot get enough breath to speak… 657 more words


Five Ways to Tell You’re Not a Complete Screw Up as a Dad

Five Ways to Tell You’re Not a Complete Screw Up as a Dad

Most nights I come home from work and the house quickly erupts into chaos, if it isn’t in that shape before I get home. 963 more words

Kids And Family

That's Because It's Empty

A little girl went up to her mother one day while holding her stomach saying, “Mommy, my stomach hurts.” Her mother replied, “That’s because it’s empty, you have to put something into it!” She then prepared a bowl of soup. 64 more words

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Camping with Kids!

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Our First Blog!

First blog talking about camping with kids under 10 years old.

Lance in the backyard with his cool hammock! 525 more words

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Mom wars: Real or naw?

Mom Wars: The heated, vocal, and/or public judgement of one mom to another about parenting choices, usually with intention to make another mom feel bad enough to change her ways. 994 more words

Kids And Family