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Barbie: Rock 'n Royals

Barbie Rock ‘n Royals was the Last Honest Barbie Movie. And hardly even that. However, I like it and I like the music!


A princess and a pop star get assigned to the wrong neighboring camps and must try to fit in. 231 more words


The Apartment

Setting up home is always an equally exciting and daunting prospect to me. The opportunity to start afresh seems to offer hope. That same hope I often feel at the start of a new year; a chance to clear the slate and start over. 1,281 more words


America's Favorite Movies!

America’s #1 Movies

Throughout history, there has been 1001 America’s favorites. These movies include The Jungle BookSpider-man, The Spongebob Movie and much more! Every one of the movies are compiled into one grand picture!  

#1 Movie In America

Why I'm a Good Mom

These days there are so many posts, articles, shows, etc that express all the guilt that mothers (and fathers) feel about their poor parenting (real or imagined). 520 more words

Kids And Family

Marriage Qualities

On their 50th wedding anniversary and during the banquet celebrating it, Tom was asked to give his friends a brief account of the benefits of a marriage of such long duration. 64 more words

Thought Provokers

Food Free Treats for School Birthday Celebrations

My middle daughter is turning NINE soon….her last single-digit year. It kills me, really – she’s my baby girl!

1 month old!

Pretty Ballerina

And if she’s nine, that means I’m so much older than I think I am.  380 more words

Kids And Family

Raffa dan Tongue Tied

Maret 2016.

Adem sekali menatap wajahmu Nak.

Mama bahagia sekali saat Suster mengantarmu pertama kali untuk room in.

‘Saya yang nangkep dari Dokter kok Bu waktu persalinan. 872 more words

Kids And Family