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Flashback Friday

I brain farted and completely forgot my throwback Thursday post.  I will return to regularly scheduled throwbacks next week. So for this flashback Friday detour I thought it would be fun to fill you in about one of T’s proudest moments! 106 more words

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What's In a Name

To all the little kids in Wyokiddo’s preschool, my name is Emily’s Mom.

“Hi Emily’s mom!”

“Emily’s Mom, come sit by me!”

“Mrs. Emily’s Mom, can you help me with  my juice box?” 136 more words

A Disney Throwback Thursday

I LOVE Disneyland. Well, I love all things Disney.  Growing up an hour and a half away in San Diego,  my family and I would go at least once a year. 404 more words

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The Most Toddler

We have gone through the toddler years two times, and currently in the war zone of the third time. Our newly three year old terror has to be the “most toddler”. 183 more words

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Days Like This

The tiny humans woke me up before six this morning. I stumbled out of my room listening to two of them fight over who knows what. 409 more words

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Always Bittersweet

I’ve been a mommy since 2004. I celebrated when my oldest was still a little bean inside. My mom bought me my first Mother’s Day card and we celebrated our first together. 273 more words

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It Couldn't Wait Until Sunday and That's Okay

Yesterday I picked my boys up from the bus stop like I do every weekday. They came running up to me smiles on their faces, probably more excited that it was the weekend, than to see me. 301 more words

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