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It finally happened...

Many don’t know this about me, but I pray A LOT. My great-grandmother used to say “Every thought is a prayer, so be careful what you think.” (So, by that logic, we all pray a lot.) But I seriously have conversations with God in my head. 510 more words

The Turtle and the Bird

A Turtle sat on the edge of a pond and saw a beautiful Heron standing in the water next to him. The Heron looked down into the water at the fish and the turtles soaking in the day’s sun as they rested on the logs, then turned to the Turtle and asked, “Why can’t I swim like the fish? 262 more words

Kids And Family

Using inhalers - made easy!

Ok, so I always thought that MDI’s (metered dose inhalers) were just for those with asthma.  I thought wrong.  Just recently it came to my knowledge that these inhalers have the same purpose and effect as nebulizers.   448 more words

Little Discoveries

Cook and Banks: Charting the rumoured great Southern Land

To celebrate the Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney 200th anniversary, the Australian National Maritime Museum and Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney will offering a joint video conference for year 3 and 4 students History and Science. 227 more words

ANMM Events

What sets you on fire?

Hopefully nothing in the literal sense. That would suck.

But lately, I have discovered some things that get me going. Things that make me move no matter how tired I am. 666 more words

The battle of wits (and shits)

The older one gets, the harder it is to stay serious…about anything.  I find myself in situations that teeter between hilarious and humiliating.  I realized this last night as I was sitting on the toilet and the thought suddenly popped into my head that the terms “cool” and “sexy” no longer applied to me.  1,640 more words