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What was the last film you watched? - Big Hero 6

Short answer: Big Hero 6

Long answer: Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6, Disney’s answer to Hero Movies, won an Oscar for Animation, made $56,000,000 dollars in its opening weekend and then went on to quadruple that in gross profit. 1,130 more words


The RatburgerĀ (2017)

This TV movie was broadcast on Christmas Eve 2017. A girl rescues a rat, aware that a local burger van owner wants to make it into burgers and sell it to local schoolchildren. 148 more words


Buzz Lightyear - The First Superhero

Kids love superheroes. Aside from the obvious visual appeal of billowing capes and colorful costumes, they love the concept of a divine protector, a guardian with authority beyond that of their parents, the certainty that justice will triumph. 938 more words


Wreck it Ralph (2012)

A video game villain wants to be a hero. However, his quest brings havoc to the arcade in which he resides. 112 more words


A Guide to the Oscars

In November, we each purchased a MoviePass for $89 which provides unlimited movies for a year at participating theaters. We plan on getting our money’s worth. 273 more words

Season 1: Newborn

SnowFlix and Chill - Top 5 Family Films

The flakes they are falling, the school it is closed and work is but a distant memory, your best friend today is the duvet, snuggle up and and switch on the tv and chill like Bruno Mars on the day he got inspired for Lazy! 58 more words

Crappy CGI Kids' Shows on Netflix

What is it with the recent surge in subpar CGI shows aimed for children on Netflix? I mean, there are plenty of rubbish traditionally animated movies out there, but at least they put time and effort into producing them! 27 more words