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Agent Gumball Review

I’ve admittedly never seen The Amazing World of Gumball, so hopefully that won’t tarnish this review, or blind me to any clever references. While it seemed like a competently made kid’s show, there was no getting over the fact that it was, well, precisely that. 456 more words

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Lets Get Wonky!

Crazy, silly, goofy, or is it just plain Wonky? Yes, I am talking about the wacky cube tower building game for two or more people known as Wonky! 435 more words


Highlights Monster Day Review | Mobile

If you have kids, you’ve probably heard of Highlights magazine. These are usually found at your local family doctors’ office and probably at ever pediatricians’ office as well. 826 more words

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Setelah kelulusan dari Gameloft, petualangan pergamedevan berlanjut di studio startup Arsanesia. Studio game yang berdomisili di Bandung ini resmi berdiri sejak 2 April 2011. Dan sekarang sedang fokus di lini produk edugame untuk anak-anak: … 930 more words

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Backyard Little League

This week I got home from school early and witnessed the new generation of soccer players having a 3 against 3 game. The player on one team were Adam(9), Karina(9) and Sienna(10). 332 more words


In the Imperial Gardens with Niya

Tic-Tac-Oh my what a game this is. Niya is a fantastic abstract Japanese themed game. In Niya players will find out that this little game, packaged in a tin, is packed full of a ton of strategy. 270 more words


Education is Gamified: The Future of Mobile Games

The education and training sector continues to experience a significant expansion, especially with regard to the serious mobile games market. Mobile platforms substantially contribute to this growth and its adaptation to changing times. 668 more words

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