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The Little Garden that Could

When it comes to gardening, I have what you would call a brown thumb. When the kids and my husband wanted to create a little garden in the backyard years ago, I flat out said that I wanted no part of it because I was afraid that I would kill whatever was planted. 306 more words


Getting those fall veggies going is CHALLENGING!

We are looking for advice on how to get fall crops to survive.

Lettuce: Nina did a great job of moving the seedlings of lettuce to individual cell trays! 272 more words


Can't Wait for the Fruit Trees to Bear Lots of Fruit!

Planting fruit trees teaches us the value of patience like nothing else! In 2010 we planted about 30 fruit trees in what we now call “The Orchard.” It is an area that was fenced on two sides and probably contained livestock of some kind. 1,411 more words

Deep Roots

Week of August 25th


Yukon gold potatoes
Basil (Thai and regular)
Tomatoes (candy cherry and a variety of others)
Thai chili peppers
Hot peppers

Tasks completed this weekend: 162 more words


9 Reasons Why You Should Garden with Your Kids

It was called The Cultivator, and it was an instrument of torture. A creaky, curmudgeonly metal wheel in front of four plow blades that we would muscle through reluctant spring soil, blisters blooming on our hands as we heaved and hoed the damn thing along. 956 more words


the end of the story

So we harvested everything above ground that we could before the first major frosts, and then we left what we thought would look interesting underneath the snow to overwinter. 86 more words

Bed Design