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Man vs. Toddler - Why My Kid Wins Every Time

I’m certain that there isn’t a concept more categorically hated than that of children in restaurants. Since becoming a parent, dining out with my best little pal has become, well, an annoyance. 550 more words

Girl Humor

on babies in bars and kids in restaurants

Kids in restaurants have been a hot topic lately because of a restaurant owner who definitely acted like a jerk over a kid who was maybe or maybe not acting like a jerk while the parents maybe or maybe didn’t do something about it. 780 more words


Just Some Random Thoughts

It’s the last week of school in my district and although I work in the district office, I am so ready for this year to be over. 647 more words

Keep Your Kid...I Need To Eat In Peace !

I love eating out! I’m a self professed foodie. You cook it I’ll eat it. Food from every nation, every tribe. If it’s cooked, prepared in a sanitary environment, and does not include insects, or domesticated animals I’ll try it. 812 more words

Children Are A Safety Hazard

 I know that most people don’t put children on the top of the list when it comes to workplace hazards, but in a restaurant, they seem to fall right behind hot kitchen equipment and wet floors. 277 more words


Economist 6/23/14

  1. Russia-Kazakhstan relations look rock-solid. On May 29th Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s president, played genial host in Astana, his futuristic capital, to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus was also on hand to sign a pact creating the…
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The "Well Behaved Kids" Discount

Yes, it’s a real thing. Recently a couple in Canada were dining out at a Mother’s Day brunch and their check went viral after a “well behaved kids” discount was tacked on the bottom. 431 more words