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If You Loved Kids In The Hall You're Going To Be Stoked To Hear They're Going On Tour

Remember Kids In The Hall? Crazy to think the show ended 20 years ago. Where the hell has time gone? I don’t want to think about it tbh. 148 more words

CanCon, Canadian TV aaaaaaaaand Satan!

I am proud to be Canadian. I am not always proud of Canadian things.

I can’t imagine being from anywhere else. It would be wonderful to live in Britain. 1,249 more words


50 Funny Moments on TV

Watching the 40th anniversary of SNL reminds me how much humour and laughter add to my happiness. I remember watching it as a teen with my parents. 370 more words


The Best Flirts In Recent Television History, From Most To Least Doable

The art of flirting is a tricky one. The line between seduction and sexual predator can be finer than those sweet little hairs on your — I did it, I crossed it, my bad, that’s on me. 793 more words


Hittin' up the Goth-Kin... As Well as The Ghost And Mrs. Muir fans

I found a few new Goth sites and got Episode #3 to them. A number of like-clicks, of course, but one chap was quite enthusiastic. I’m so glad. 640 more words

Friday Feature ~ This Weeks Distraction Is...

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have had an awesome (early) pressie from my parents.

Over the last couple of years I have on occasion stared off into the distance and thought how lovely it would be to listen to some of my vinyl.   833 more words

Friday Feature

More Work On Episode 14: Reunion At The Old House

Yes… Willie Loomis is coming back home…

But that isn’t all fun and games… Oh, look. I have to provide more audience applause for Sir Simon Milligan. 724 more words