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Potty Training

A short while back we began potty training our youngest daughter. Let me correct that, off and on over the past 8 months we’ve tried potty training our youngest daughter, a feat not made any easier by having a very active baby boy in the house. 362 more words


Kevin McDonald Revealed The Depressing Origin Of One Of The Most Famous 'Kids In The Hall' Sketches

If you ask even a casual fan of The Kids In The Hall what the comedy troupe’s most well known and popular sketches are, a few immediately come to mind: Head Crusher, “Citizen Cane,” the Chicken Lady, “These Are The Daves I Know,” and, of course, “Girl Drink Drunk.” The latter paints a cautionary tale of a man who descends into the dark depths of alcoholism after his love of fruity umbrella drinks is awakened. 404 more words


The Vern gets a demon and reviews Hell-Bent.


Cast:Justin Andrew Davis, Leslie Lynn Meeker,Steven Trollinger

Writer: Shayne Kamat

Director: Foster Vernon

There was a Kids in the Hall sketch where a guy finds out that his best friend owns a demon.   658 more words


"Twitch City"

Twitch City (CBC, 1998 and 2000)

TWitch City was a Canadian sitcom that also aired on Bravo in the U.S., as well as in Australia. In fact, Australian TV critics loved it… 176 more words


The Tragically Hip - Trouble at the Henhouse (1996)

It was 20 years ago today…or at least, 20 years and a few months/weeks/days ago today that I picked up Trouble at the Henhouse (TATH) 558 more words

Kevin McDonald Workshop Opener

A Two Day Morning-to-Kevining?

For a while I set down my creative side, turning attentions to family, school and work.  Feeling a bit out of touch and needing to reconnect with eccentric thoughts and odd meanderings I’ve been searching for people and events to collaborate and join in on. 184 more words

Sketch Comedy

Kevin McDonald Workshop Lecturization

Again, the first words of his lecture (besides “hello” as Kevin was very cordial) were: “Workshops are bullshit”.  I like that level of admittance though there is much one can take away from workshops including networky stuff, a couple photos, and free pens (we received no free pens). 286 more words

Sketch Comedy