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Never put salt in your eyes

Danny is a great businessman. Also, what did my mother say about putting salt in my eyes?


Faking Movies – Ep 26. Dick

The twenty-sixth podcast episode.  In this one, Sarah take a stab at the plot of Dick.

Do you know that feeling when everyone is talking about a movie you haven’t seen? 77 more words


Canada’s Most Memorable (English) TV Thing: Final Round

And here we are. Mr. Dressup vs. Kids In The Hall.

After hundreds of thousands of votes, and two weeks of tearing Canadian Social Media apart (insert stereotypical “Meanwhile in Canada” joke here), we’re left, after… 825 more words


Canada’s Most Memorable (English) TV Thing: Final Four

UPDATE: We are now in the championship round. Click here to vote.

The four most memorable pieces of television in our history are a bizarre sketch comedy series that didn’t really catch on outside Canada, a teen drama that was a decade ahead of its time but offered no giant leap forward in storytelling, a series of 60-second commercials telling Canadians about their heritage through stilted dialogue and powerful white men being skeptical about things, and a kindly middle-aged man talking to an androgynous puppet and his mute dog about the things he found in his “tickle trunk.” 1,825 more words


Canada’s Most Memorable (English) TV Thing: The Elite Eight

We’re not at the end of our strange tournament to crown Canada’s most memorable TV show in English, which ended at least five years ago… 949 more words

Heritage Minutes

Kids In The Hall

Political Correctness has been worth making fun of for at least 2 decades. What may have changed is how much the established forms of media are purveyors of PC culture. 58 more words