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Afterthought Heels from Yesteryear: Another ‘Nothing New Under the Sun’ realisation

I’ve written before about how easy it is to overlook how innovative and creative previous generations of knitters were. Putting it like that I’m sure many of us would say, ‘oh no, not at all’, but then we come across something that reveals, in our surprise, exactly that. 562 more words


Knitting for the First Time

Knitting for the First Time by Vanessa-Ann (is this a real person?) was published by Sterling/Chapelle in 2003. I think it was put together by an editor and the author is just a made-up name. 226 more words

Accessory Projects

Blueberry Vanilla 🍨 Blanket

A cute idea for a lovely baby blanket with colourful bobbles, easy to make even if you can’t do the bobble stitch. 36 more words

Knitting And Crochet

Pajarito, pajarito!!!!

Tejido a dos agujas, este pajarito…… también para mi nieto 6 more words


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A truly adorable hand-knit birdie by a busy mum and expert knitter, dear Nuria Figuereo, from her blog 'Las cosas de Nuria'