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Painting For Kids In Syria With 10.oh.8

Free yourself today and pass by 10.oh.8 with the kids between 4 and 8 let the kids paint, draw or write a letter for kids in refugee camp in Syria and they will deliver them for the kids. How sweet is that!!!!!

Kuwait Mom

There's cuteness even in spaceflight

Kids sometimes write letters. Sometimes, they write those letters to their heros.  Sometimes that’s Santa.  And sometimes that’s NASA.  NASA generally even replies to them, and apparently especially cute ones get posted in the public affairs office so that everybody can enjoy them.   133 more words


Kid's Letter: "My Mom Got Drunk"

Here is what little Daniel submitted for his first grade writing assignment:

“17 March My News
I went to my friend Lucas house. My mom got drunk.”

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Letters to Michelle Obama > Letters to Barack Obama

from Earl Harris, age 8, Washington

from Erica Phillips, age 7, Washington

By UNKNOWN because the NYT forgot to caption this one…

Renea Harris-Peterson, age 10, Seattle… 36 more words