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beef chow mein | old school cooking at its best

My mother-in-law Anne Corcoran is a wonderful home cook and has taught me a lot over the past 12 years since I’ve known her. It’s quite fitting that I write this post this week, considering Mother’s Day is this Sunday. 824 more words

Main Meals

Kids Cooking Basic Skills

Call It A Breakfast Pizza!

There’s nothing like accomplishing something new and being able to share that with your family or friends. Young chefs will be proud to help make and serve this simple dish that is not only delicious, but will give them some basic techniques to grow on. 521 more words


Who ordered the phaal?

Who doesn’t enjoy a good curry? Family life is made by and full of traditions – many are passed on from generation to generation, perhaps tweaked along the way to make them… 1,045 more words


Kids Eat Free...or Nearly Free List

If you are anything like our family, where you eat often depends on what day of the week it is.  We know we can go most anywhere on Tuesdays, but your options are far more limited the rest of the week.   814 more words

Dinosaurs for dinner

Children´s tableware should be fun. It ought to have colours and patterns to put a smile on your face. It needs to be inviting and inspirational, never fragile and always easy. 743 more words

Getting My Kids to Try New Foods

Something magical happened this evening at dinnertime. My four-year-old daughter ate a potato wedge. Then she ate another, followed by several more. This might not seem noteworthy to some, but this is actually the very first time she has ever eaten one, despite having served them to her many times in the past. 694 more words


Cauliflower mash | vegan

It’s probably already out of fashion now but cauliflower mash, I took a while to get to meet you but now I have, it’s true love. 267 more words