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Some days I do wonder. If I had never have kids that my hair wouldn’t turn grey.

They will be the death of me. Today my oldest is giving me attitude again. 206 more words


My 6 year olds tonsillectomy and my realization that I need to be there for him .

So sitting 4am in the morning after my 6 year old has woken up in a rage of pain because his tonsils was removed 5 days ago made me realize I need to start writing things down and I might as well start with the most important in my life . 659 more words

Kids & Parenting

Tough Love

Where did I go wrong? I wanted to raise responsible independent kids. You know the ones that are kind and considerate?

And this is what I got , an irresponsible kid. 180 more words


Balancing Life With A Newborn

Its been awhile since I did an overall life update and so much has changed in these last couple months I thought Id share what we’ve been up to! 608 more words

Kids & Parenting


I think I finally broke through to my son. He wanted to help me hang out the clothes. I told him no study hard . 126 more words


I'm Done

Tonight the kids are making dinner. I am stuffed. We left just after 1pm. Found a car park easily enough.

As soon as we got inside we found school holiday mayhem. 357 more words


How to get your kids offline and outside!

Welcome to my Digitaldetoxforkids blog.

I am starting this blog because of my own experience with my kids and the digital age.

My eldest daughter is 14, my youngest 11. 267 more words

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