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The bulldog comes out...

There are many times that my ‘bulldog’ side comes out and sometimes stronger than others…but there is nothing that makes my bulldog side more angry than people that put my children in harms way.  357 more words

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Joint Birthday Themes

Okay, so for my girls 1st and 3rd joint party I started mulling over ideas about 6 months in advance. Never too early, right?? Well, maybe it’s a bit too early… but I can’t help it! 225 more words

Home Life

Farts Galore

My dad brought over moon cakes for us and even wrote my name on my one 😂 I only like plain cakes. My favourite is mungbean. 595 more words


It Won't Be Like This For Long

*I wrote this post back in 2015 when my oldest, Ziva, was a newborn. I never posted it because it felt cliche telling people “you’re gonna miss this” etc. 463 more words

Home Life

Adventures in Step-parenting

My stepchildren’s mother called me yesterday out of the blue.  Although we’re generally on good terms now and have been for a few years, seeing her name on my phone threw my sympathetic nervous system into a mini fight or flight episode.  3,271 more words


Workshop: Newborn to Toddler Care

Newborn to Toddler Care Workshop for yayas is back on its 3rd year! Free yourself from training your caregivers and give yourself the peace of mind when you leave your kids in their care. 263 more words


Ms. Maggie and My Free-Range Kids

So this woman, Lenore Skenazy comes on the radio this week with talk show host Dennis Prager, and they’re talking about the insanity of government, health professionals and other lunatic fringes whose mission is either to suck all of the joy of a kid’s life, wrap them in a cocoon of bubble wrap, or turn us parents into bigger idiots than we already are.  850 more words