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Teachable Moments

I experienced some very good teachable moments with the kids today.

First I took them to the Jones Brothers Easter Egg hunt in Stinson Park.  I warned them ahead of time that there would be a LOT of other people there so we may not get any eggs and not to let that upset them because we will get lots of eggs from the Easter Bunny tonight so it is ok if we don’t get any today. 888 more words

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Lady Luck 💝

I see the excitement in people when we gear up for the ‘World Cup 2015′, geared up to fight the Aussies in the semi-finals. We all cheer, yayy….India..India! 415 more words


Spring Forth with Easter Treats for Colorado's Robin Chocolates

When I was a child, one year, my parents gave me a nougat-filled, chocolate-covered egg for Easter. It was beautiful. And delicious. I made that thing last a month, slicing off just a little bit each day (such restraint for a kid!). 215 more words


The Problem With Girls In Math And Science


Last year I went to a Parent-Teacher conference with my daughter’s G.T. (Gifted and Talented) teacher. She sang my daughter’s praises. I basked in her glowing words and swelled with pride. 1,170 more words

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I, Me and Myself Mommies ;)

Today I came across an old friend while doing my morning walk in the park, very  happy to have met her after a while I generally asked about how her kid was and how was she faring, in general. 473 more words


We - The Self Righteous Hypocrites

Today while I was browsing through my whatsapp messages, I came across a video forwarded by a friend showcasing the plight of being born a girl in a country like India and how its a male’s world… 936 more words


The Benefits of Having Less Stuff

Happy New Year to you! I hope it’s started well for you so far.

We’re about to renovate our house, and the other day I started having a mild freak out about how I was going to manage wrangling 3 small kids in the middle of a construction zone.  308 more words

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