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Where is my energy gone ?

You know what I nearly called this post “Just Fu**ed ! 514 more words


The Circle Of Life

On this Father’s Day, I dedicate this blog to all the wonderful men who love their kids the most and are responsible and wonderful fathers. And also to those who are trying hard to prove themselves better, before their children :) 379 more words


Fathers Day

So here it is … right at us …next Sunday lunch time ! 458 more words


It Was Worth It

Laying here tonight, the night before I return to work and Ziva is to start daycare, I keep having the thought that it was all worth it. 201 more words

My Thoughts

The Monkey Parent 🙈

While the internet is buzzing with the different kinds of parents that any child could have, be it a ‘Dolphin’ parent or a ‘Tiger’ parent depending on their attitude towards the discipline in their child’s life, I keep wondering why no one speaks about the parent/s who unintentionally teach their kids through their own character, right from their toddlerhood how to copy others and follow the suit in every possible way, especially those who they envy.. 610 more words


Option B Parenting: Coping with Struggles and Despair on the Parenting Journey

I’m sure many of you read Sheryl Sandberg’s gritty and authentic piece about grief last week.

Her “option B” analogy resonated with me.

While my journey has been vastly different to hers, the last 5 years of parenting have presented me with what have felt like impossible mountains to climb. 352 more words

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Just June

Over the past few days I’ve realised that once the 1st of June comes my mind suddenly takes on a whole new, sometimes panic ridden, state of mind ! 670 more words