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92/100. Съемки детворы от 1 до 3

С моей точки зрения – шикарнейший возраст. Самые настоящие эмоции и улыбки. Они еще не умеют позировать и придумывать. И одновременно, не могут долго находиться перед камерой.

90/100. Maternity photo session (5)

Last but not the least part of Masha’s and Jelcy’s photo session. Really enjoyed the time and emotions there!

84/100. Maternity photo (2)

Lets have a look at another part of our latest maternity photo shoot. Previous ones you can find in the same tab of the menu. August is an amazing time to create beautiful pictures, especially with the ones you love.

82/100. Maternity photo session

Have you noticed, that women become even more beautiful, while expecting a child. The energy of love is in the air. That’s why in many cultures they are also respected and praised as goddesses. 56 more words


77/100. Jessica and Lily

Let me introduce you one more amazing couple. Jessica and Lily) Cute and active 1,5 year old is an ocean of curiosity and energy. I really enjoyed time spent together!


69/100. Kids

Mommies, kids and camera. Add playground and beautiful summer weather. And lots of fun together.

Thank you Jen, Belly, Taylor and Hyde for being part of these pics. 18 more words


65/100. Ах, детство-детство. Moments of childhood

Today its all about happy moments. My dear candid model still enjoys the life without paying much attention to the camera. Lets see, how long this lasts))

Сегодня – просто фотки. Наша маленькая модель получает кайф от жизни, не обращая внимания на маму с камерой. Интересно, в каком возрасте это пройдет?