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Watch Motley Crue React To Kids Reacting To Them

There is a very funny series of videos on YouTube called “Kids React”.

They play young kids music from bands they probably don’t know to see how they react. 56 more words

Watch kids react to Guns N' Roses

“10/10 would listen to again”

The parents of (some of) these children deserve a gold star! Watch kids react to the legendary rock n’ roll band, Guns N’ Roses. 11 more words


Chase's 3rd Birthday Party @ Chuck E. Cheese w/ HUGE Present! (+ Juggle Bubbles)

Chase celebrated his 3rd birthday recently! The video starts out in Chuck E. Cheese the day before his real birthday! On the day of his B-Day Party he had a fever and wasn’t feeling good so it’s sad to see him not enjoy himself as he usually would have. 11 more words

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