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YouTube: The Fine Brother's 'React' Series

I always find it interesting when generations clash. Why does today’s generation think Paul McCartney is new in the music business and why can’t parents understand how to text? 171 more words

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Friday Favorite: Kids React To VCR/VHS

Hello, childhood. We meet again. But, was it really that long ago since I was a kid and I was rewinding my orange VHS tape to watch The Rugrats Movie? 95 more words

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Watch This Video Showing Kids Reacting To A VCR

Man, most of us feel old!  I remember when I was very young and going to the movie store to rent VHS tapes to play on the VCR.   98 more words


Kids React To VCRs

A group of kids is given a bulky VCR and asked to figure out how it’s used.

You’d be surprised how outdated the technology is — at least in their minds.


Kids confused by the VCR will remind you how old you are

Obviously, none of these kids are ’90s kids.

Because if they were, they’d know exactly what a VCR player is, and what VHS tapes are. But none of them know how to use them. 48 more words

Watch Kids Reacting To A Computer From The 1980s!

If you were to give a child an Apple IIc computer today, they might think you were crazy. Back in the day a 50-pound monitor did nothing more but type some letters and do some math, while today the entire world is accessible  from something as small as a wallet. 52 more words


US kids react to breakfasts from other countries, and it's equal parts cute and hilarious 【Video】

One of the best parts of traveling to other countries are all the new and exciting (and sometimes even gag-inducing) food experiences that come with it. 390 more words