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A Holly Smoggy Christmas Part 1: 济南

It’s a day after Christmas and I am sitting in Starbucks excited to share with you all the shenanigans that happened. This post will be broken up into two parts. 580 more words


Watch Kids React to Metallica

By Amanda Wicks

Oh, kids. They may have a preference for “Wheels on the Bus” or whatever KIDZ BOP purports itself to be, but what about real music? 179 more words


Viral Video: Kids React To Blockbuster Video

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We get the reactions from kids to stores that used to be around.

This time, it’s a national chain that opened in Dallas more than 30 years ago.  50 more words


How Public Opinion Influenced A Popular YouTube Channel

In late January of 2016, a YouTube channel by the name of TheFineBros found themselves in a serious debacle. The Fine Brothers Entertainment was created by Benny & Rafi Fine and are widely known for their “React” video series on YouTube. 323 more words

Try not to smile or laugh - allow us to steal some of your time!

So one of the occasional features on the Fine Bros Entertainment YouTube channel that we liked was when they showed them videos and told them to try not to smile or laugh. 154 more words

Teh Webz

Teens React to Windows 95

Here is another installment of Teens React/Kids React to stuff we all grew up with. The point of these videos are to usually to make us all feel old or to make kids today look spoiled and dumb. 80 more words


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Prepare to feel old...

The reaction video you've been waiting for: Kids react to Donald Trump

Kids React is a long-running YouTube series by Fine Brothers Entertainment in which children react to all sorts of topics, from video games to music to politics. 297 more words