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Another stint on the Today show..

all about TAXES and money this time around – check it out!

(and to see our appearance for Valentines day check out the post here.)


Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here’s what’s being said at my house…

EK, waking up on a dreary morning: Oh no! The sun not gon’ came out! (There is no typo in this sentence.) 269 more words


Things Toddlers Say

This week has been pretty hilarious, and I thought about taking a few of these out to save them for next week, but hey, she’ll say more hilarious things between now and then! 224 more words


Walking with dinosaurs.

The other day I got a rare privilege: a day off on a weekend with my boys. All 3 of them.

There was an adventure planned and I was looking forward to enjoying it with them. 423 more words

The Parenting Marathon

Things Toddlers Say

I’ve been a little slack this week. There’s been a lot going on. Good things are coming, I promise! To show you, here’s a hilarious little glimpse into the conversations one might have with my sweet baby girl… 165 more words


Convos With Kids #247365711: Spelling

September 2014

Lady J is starting to spell out her responses, as is expected, as she learns to read more and is used to hearing adults spell out words. 190 more words

Convos With Kids

What Little Boys Are Made Of (A Subset of 'Kids Say the Darnedest Things')

Clambering up the lined steps into the second bus with a grin to start my introduction, I have to blink a couple of times before speaking, adjusting to the utterly skewed sense of reality when I find myself confronted with an entire busload of third grade boys, save for one or two female teachers. 405 more words