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Things Toddlers Say 

Hellooooooo, Tuesday! The days are going slowly as I’m surviving the next few weeks. Good thing I have hilarious children (and a hilarious Hubby) to keep me entertained! 538 more words


#1095 - Tin Cup

My grandmother does not take missed putts well, and apparently I learned at a young age to “help” when she missed one.

Sketch A Day

Relationship with Offspring - Kiddie Chronicles: "How Many Flies?"

While in the car on the way home from school today, there was the following exchange:

Mstr EB: “How many flies?”

Miss AB: “36 states!“

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Relationship With Offspring

Things Toddlers Say (and Do)

Happy Tuesday! This week has been one of stories more than catchphrases, so I’m sorry for the different layout. But I bet you’ll giggle at these things as much as we did! 451 more words


Things Toddlers Say

Good morning! Hope y’all are having a great Tuesday so far! Here are some funnies from our family over the past week… enjoy!

Any time I forget anything: 328 more words


Things Toddlers Say

Happy Toddlers Tuesday! I bet y’all thought I forgot! I just had a busy day, so it’s going up as an evening edition.

This week, J makes an appearance, and we’ve got a Hubby funny as well. 230 more words


Out of the mouths of babes...

Last night at bedtime, my 5 year-old decided to share the bible verse that she had learned at church that day. Everyone can use a good laugh on a Monday, so here you go: 15 more words