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How to start a Storytime for kids.

Reading stories to the kids is one of the best ways to spend quality time with them. It not only enhances the overall development of the kid but also instills a love for the books in them. 781 more words

14 family-friendly activities for the holidays

The Christmas holidays have arrived! And for many of us, approximately two weeks of family fun lies ahead. So in the spirit of preparation, we’ve listed 14 festive-themed activities (one for each day, give or take) that everyone in the family can get involved in – slightly grumpy teens included! 764 more words

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Ten in the new teen!

The boy has a new rebellious streak which is outshining his otherwise docile behaviour. The newfound angst and withdrawal from the world can be attributed to the changing weather ( we all have winter blues ) but an active brat like him usually have enough all weather tricks up his sleeves. 920 more words

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Top 10 Educational Netflix Shows for Kids

EdPlace’s Top 10 Educational Kids Shows on UK Netflix

Ah, the ‘Netflix babysitter’ – Praise be! Technological distractions are sometimes a much-needed godsend. Ever tried to get 3 different dinners ready with 5 kids around your ankles/constantly asking you questions? 574 more words


How Do Fireworks Work?

Ask anyone what they like best about bonfire night, and I bet it will be this; Fireworks! Aren’t they amazing? So much colour, so much noise, so much happening – an excellent display entirely involves you. 546 more words


Halloween Activities for all the Family

Recently, Halloween has exploded in popularity here in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why – Pumpkins, sweets, fancy-dress parties…what’s not to love? And with it’s new found fame, comes an overwhelming number of themed activities that your children – and quite possibly yourselves – are most likely dying (pun intended) to try; but where do you start? 447 more words