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A Typical Evening

Right now, a typical evening on the farm includes lots of kids napping, eating, and playing.

If you want to see a video of them playing, you can check out the link below. 81 more words


My 5 Disney Favorites - 40 Days of Blogs#22

Hello friends, I have returned with a new blog post!

I’ve been in a Disney mood recently, probably after seeing Beauty and the Beast. I just finished reading Peter Pan and Wendy and that’s gotta be one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. 575 more words

6 Word Stories...

I love the idea of 6 word stories. This style of writing is believed to have been invented by Ernest Hemingway whose famous 6 word tale “For sale. 101 more words

Christian Heritage Month... and maybe a little something for the men too

With months devoted to recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women, various ethnic groups, and more, it is way past time that we devote a month to celebrating Christians and Christianity. 152 more words

What I miss every day

I retired from teaching almost two years ago.

It wasn’t exactly a planned retirement. In fact, the decision came in mid May of my last year. 584 more words


Every Mothers Prayer 

There are probably many things a mother would like for Mothers Day this Sunday; many shiney things; many things that smell pretty; many that might make us look younger and less exhausted; many things that give us a little escape door to another land for a few hours. 312 more words


Joy Family | Portland, OR Family Photography

One thing I think is hard for most parents, but moms especially, is getting in the picture with our kids. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: get in the photo! 222 more words

Family Photography