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Avid: A Blog Response from Kids

As I was pondering which avid interests I should write about, I was struck with a genius idea: how would children respond to these one-word prompts? 937 more words

Life & Relationships

Log: Day 10

Today was pretty normal until I was opening a KitKat for my youngest.  That KitKat smelled so good–the chocolate, the texture and from previous eating experience–taste pretty good.   33 more words


Growing up

Im not quite sure what makes me more emotional…knowing that your little babies are growing up or seeing the beautiful people they are becoming. Aside from the day to day grind, when I take even a smidgen of a step back I am in awe of how incredible these little ones are. 445 more words

My Life

Are you wrestling?

I guess I should start by saying I don’t mean putting on spandex and sweating on a high school mat. But, if thats your thing, power on! 1,175 more words


Messy Bedrooms: When Batman Meets Elsa

“It’s going to be okay, baby. We can handle this.” My husband tried in vain to calm me as I breathed frantically into a paper bag, standing amid toys, shoes, books, crumpled paper, naked Barbie dolls, balled-up socks, and miscellaneous kid crap scattered as far as the eye can see. 763 more words

All Things Family

What Would God Do?

It wasn’t the sort of night that inspires a person to fight crime or go dancing. It was a night perfectly suited to a soft blanket and a warm mug of hot chocolate. 633 more words

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