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Kick Off Summer by Preparing for Back-to-School: #6 Shop As You go Along

While you want to have a shopping schedule so you are sure to have everything you need on time, you can begin picking up supplies & other items throughout the summer. 425 more words


Attending Collision Conference 2019 (with or without kids)

Headed home from Toronto to Ottawa on the train from Collision Conference early to see my kids but grateful to the organizers for providing me with the opportunity to purchase a discounted Women in Tech ticket while on parental leave. 379 more words


RAW CrossFit Teen Program

I often receive questions regarding our newly formed CrossFit Teen program and what it offers. The goal of the RAW CrossFit Teen Program is to bring the sport of CrossFit with its myriad benefits to our teen athletes while in supportive, positive environment with age appropriate programming. 198 more words


The one sure way to convince a climate denier

Back in 2007, South Carolina Congressman Bob Inglis rebelled against the Republican party and his conservative state: He told the world that climate change was real, that it was caused by humans, and that his party would “get hammered” if they didn’t step up and do something about it. 1,428 more words


Top San Diego Museums For Kids

Keeping kids entertained on vacation can be much more challenging than keeping a group of adults entertained. Obviously, you want your kids to enjoy themselves on their vacation as well, but with restless natures and big imaginations, spending the entire day at the beach or shopping might not be enough. 49 more words

A year in people #40 - Vic Makins

We were about 15. Vic and I were in different sets for our GCSE subjects so we decided to write messages to each other in a notebook and pass it to each other in between classes (because of course this was in the days before mobile phones). 519 more words

A Year In People


Hi There,

For today’s post I decided to do a short video so that I can give you a few tips as I show you the “Steph by step” to help you create your own pinata. 28 more words