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Potty Training Adventures

The terrible two’s have landed people. They are here with flippin bells on. 

Trying to potty train in the midst of all this toddler angst is going to give me a drinking problem…jk!? 225 more words

The Best Thing

A few days ago, I realized that my tiny girl is growing up in a grown up world. Yes, she has some toys, but we don’t go overboard. 678 more words

In the Beginning...

Once upon a time there lived a very overworked young professional Prince with two great jobs and very active social schedule.  He lived a hectic life full of corporate chaos, constant travel, long hours and rare time at home.   298 more words


A Husband's Responsibilities

    In the family the most important person in the family is the husband.Why, well it’s simple. He’s the one that protects the family and works hard to have food on the table. 234 more words

Amazon Echo Product Comparison

It’s been over a year since Amazon unveiled the Echo, a voice-recognizing speaker/smart device designed to assist and entertain. Whether you’re considering buying one for yourself, as a gift for someone else, or if you’re just curious, here I’ll provide a comparison between the Echo and another popular smart home addition that has been available since well before the Echo came on the scene: human children. 1,324 more words


Portraits, 5/52

I’m fascinated by how play develops over time. Henry is just starting to reach for specific toys, inspect them (eat them), throw them and pick them back up. 78 more words