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When my daughter brought him home

I hate lizards. Who doesn’t? Not counting crazy people like Bear Grylls, I have rarely met anyone who likes lizards. No, not rarely. Never. Lizards give me the creeps. 624 more words


“Mom, what’s chaos?”

I defined chaos for Jane. I didn’t quite use the dictionary definition of “complete disorder and confusion” but it was pretty close even if it did involve more words about noise and mess. 18 more words


No Spend Weekend *Family Edition

Let’s face it, the weekend is a great Money-Sucker. Somehow most of our non-essential spending happens over the weekends.

Date night $$. Kids trip to the movies $$. 571 more words


Mini Bow and Arrow

Have a ‘little’ but of fun with this project!

  • popsicle stick (1 for each bow you want to make)
  • fishing line (you could use floss, as well)
  • 6 more words

Two Dollars

I am ashamed of how long it has been since my last post. The past year has been full of changes, from me going back to work and putting the kids in preschool to even having another child. 717 more words