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Just for you

Tiny spaces just for you…
This is a traditional beijing courtyard house which was transformed into a community library space with kids as the main audience… 106 more words


Juhannus 2017

Alkuviikon hysteerisestä panikoinnista huolimatta juhannuksena oli oikein hyvä olla kotona ja ladata akut viimeistä (!!!) työviikkoa ennen kesälomaa (toinen !!!).

Kerättiin kukkia, tehtiin seppeleitä, syötiin grillistä kaikkea kalasta vesimeloniin, nukuttiin päikkärit, katsottiin Netflixistä uutta hevossarjaa (Ohjat käsissä). 94 more words


Birthday Weekend

Okay, okay I will refrain from going into a rant about how much more I liked my birthdays before. Just insert some random “I hate being reminded about becoming yet another year older…bla bla, rant rant… 466 more words


Children and video games: what parents can do

With video games, as well as limit the time, it is essential to know what plays the child and play with him, or, at least, interested in what makes front screen. 227 more words


Sports Diner by Hangout, Select City Walk, Saket!

Did they hear what we were talking about!! I guess they did, Sports diner by Hangout did hear what i was discussing with my childhood friend few days back.. 461 more words


Coping with loss and grief

When we were little, it is wired in almost every girl’s nature to be obsessed with dolls, play house, make-believe boyfriends, etc. looking forward to the day we can have our own little family with glee. 1,012 more words


Forgiveness Day

Forgiveness Day is a day to give and receive forgiveness. Click here to learn more about this holiday. This is celebrated on June 26th.

Below are some of the activities I found to celebrate this day: 41 more words