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DIY Bean Drum Shaker

Put some dry beans into a cleaned aluminum can. Top with the rubber from a balloon. Secure the balloon with duct tape and use washi tape to decorate. 16 more words


Newspaper Rolled Folded Star

Roll up a piece of newspaper. Paint. Then fold as shown, tucking the end in when complete. Cute!

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Wanna End Arguments With Your Kids? HERE’S How!

Join us for this episode of The Dani Johnson Show, as Dani shares simple, proven solutions to groom the next generations for REAL success – and end those parent-child struggles once and for ALL!

Family And Hustle Can Mix

  • Stop judging yourself and others about time with family.
  • Do what is right for your family and feel confident in that decision even if it takes time away from them. 
  • 42 more words
Lessons Learned

Pregnancy changes character

After we decided that we wanted to have a child, two months hardly passed. I felt kind of different, my period was late, so I made a test that showed that the baby was there. 564 more words