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Motherhood is a Zoo

I am a worthless mother. That’s what the media keeps telling me. This scary thing happened where a kid fell into a gorilla’s enclosure at the zoo, the gorilla was startled and then shot so he couldn’t hurt this kid. 410 more words

Doula Observations

Goodbye Old Friend

My eldest son, JJ, loves living things intensely.  Around the time he had just turned 3, there was an enormous cockroach in our bathroom.  He panicked when he saw that I was going to smash it and begged me to let it go in the backyard.  604 more words

white nursery

White is pure, clean and innocent. No wonder it is our favourite nursery color! XO

Olivia dresser customized in white. Giraffe kids rug in 100% New Zealand wool from Graviti Zone Rugs.


Give the Special Education to the Special Children

Special education has come far from the days when it was once all about the children away that couldn’t be categorized as ordinary. Kids who have been in the process went from relative isolation, to integration, to include and at present we are moving to the point of encouraging empowerment and self determination. 441 more words


Food Adulteration

Hi, all today we are going to tell you that people make changes in food to sell more of them.

They ripen fruits with chemicals like… 40 more words

Japan Self-Defense Forces join search for boy abandoned by parents in Hokkaido

With no sign yet of the seven-year-old, new details have emerged about the chain of events that led to the ongoing crisis. 336 more words