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Birth Story for Baby #2

Being pregnant the second time around, I convinced myself I knew what to expect in regards to my pregnancy and with the actual birth. What a hilarious thought for sweet naive Meredith. 945 more words


Book Review: Small Voices says - Mackenzie & Mike Morrison, Ph.D (eARC)


Hey I’m here again doing some book review for you. If you haven’t seen my last blog about Hopeless series of colleen hoover. If you wandering why it I’m always late reading some awesome reads, yeah I’m just hesitating that I may not finished that book or whatsoever but you know i finished it! 282 more words

December 2018 Show Pics

A few pics from my last competition (in which Couelita and I did pretty well overall, aside from a minor steering error on my part in our second round):


History Repeating

So I’m at work last night, when I received a text message from Kyle…

“Me and Ant were in my car – heh, he thinks it’s his… 247 more words


A Missed Opportunity for a Teachable Moment

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, praying, and agonizing over the Covington Catholic High School students and their actions in D.C. over the weekend. It wasn’t until this morning that I realized why the  situation had wormed its way into my brain so deeply. 1,791 more words

Civil Conversations

The Easiest Way To be a More Positive Parent 

If your family is  anything like my family, you’ve found out that long lectures and “motivational speeches” are really not making your kids do anything more than yawn and wait to be excused. 378 more words