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The Unbearable Cuteness of Being [Squiggles]

Context: The family is all dressed up for church (shocker número uno) and the kids look cute AF (not at all shocking). Going to the post-baptism BBQ, Whiskers actually held her brothers hand without screaming. 41 more words


Has it really been so long?

Hello my dear friends and admirers. I’ve missed you so. This past week was the glorious fall break and we spent it with family and having a glorious week off of school. 540 more words

Beyond the Wild Wood Comes the Wide World

I have to admit…this is my own little, and I think the world of her! I love her pesky little grin, and I love her imagination. 116 more words


Changes & Growth

Ten thousand things have happened in the last few months, and thinking about this blog hasn’t been one of them. As usual time has gotten away from me and suddenly my children seem like they’re on the verge of being teenagers and somehow we own a house and left the city and have taken on a barrage of projects. 29 more words


First Week

It’s the first week of school holidays and I still have four kids and my sanity. I was even lucky enough to be gifted with a public holiday here so I could stay home another day with the kids. 226 more words



I admire my daughter for her fearlessness.  She has no inhibitions about getting down and dirty and making a tree frog her pet for a few minutes on a September afternoon.


SOLD! Now What???

So now the house is sold and the real work begins! First and foremost a storage unit for all the most prized possessions that we have acquired over the past almost 10 years! 675 more words