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A Beautiful Yukata by Les 3 Lunes on Etsy

As you all know by now, I have a lovely Pullip doll by the name of Clara that I received from Denver Doll Emporium. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate and work with a lovely… 680 more words


10 signs that prove that you are a kidult!

Hello world!

Even if we have passed the adolescence, sometimes we frankly struggle to be adults and that’s ok. Behaving like a kid allows us to see life from a slight angle and prevents us from collapsing under the weight of responsibility. 293 more words


Peter Pan Syndrome: Are You A Kidult?

In pop-psychology, the term “Peter Pan Syndrome” is more associated with pedophiles and noncommittal boyfriends than normal people. It’s only recently that books started to be labeled “young adult” and it became okay for new adults to openly admit they liked Harry Potter without creepy implications. 534 more words


Being a "Kidult"

Recently, a friend and I came up with the term “kidult” – essentially, it’s the awkward, kind of weird phase in your life where you are legally an adult but mentally not quite there yet. 334 more words


Sleep away Camp- OG 11 Fo' Life

I am a 22 year old “kidult” and this was my first time at sleep away camp.I was paid to encourage kids,and help them travel outside of their comfort zones.It was amazing.I am glad that I went currently,and not as a kid because I would have been too shy to enjoy myself (singing “Now watch me eat.Now watch me nae nae.Now watch me eat,eat, now watch me nae nae”, just to eat breakfast and lunch was definitely a highlight.) 63 more words


Fair Use in Copyright

Fair use is a protection given to the public rather than the copyright holder. While Copyright law confers a certain number of rights to the Copyright holder such as the exclusive right to reproduction, derivative works, and moral rights, the Fair Use Doctrine limits these rights. 567 more words


[Nano Block] Schloss Neuschwanstein

Schloss Neuschwanstein

-Nano Block-

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