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An Essay on the Phenomenological Epistemology of Regret

“Marry, and you will regret it; don’t marry, you will also regret it; marry or don’t marry, you will regret it either way.”

Soren Kierkegaard, …

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On Writing Philosophy, Part I

As a philosopher-in-training, it has proved hard to resist writing about metaphilosophy for a while. Since the author is now in the process of beginning a new project, it seems only natural to write about the schools of thought he is operating within, and to describe at length the experience of compiling philosophical arguments, choosing a style, choosing a school to operate within, how to approach the clarity… 1,973 more words


What is the best explanation we can give why Adam and Eve take of the forbidden fruit in the Genesis story of the Fall (See Genesis 1-3)?

This essay begins from the presupposition that the Genesis story is not the account of a historical event, but a myth that expresses an aspect of our situation, what it means to be human. 2,935 more words


A good-enough lover

The basis of our love we usually acquire already as toddlers. The way we were loved in our early days shapes the way we will love, or the way we will wish not to love, as adults. 236 more words

Philosophy Of Love

একজন সোরেন কিয়ের্কেগার্ড ও একজন উইল হান্টিং

সোরেন কিয়ের্কেগার্ড সম্পর্কিত অধিকাংশ তথ্য গোলাম ফারুক রচিত “অস্তিত্ববাদের স্রষ্টা সোরেন কিয়ের্কেগার্ড” থেকে গৃহীত [1]। এছাড়া  ইন্টারনেট হতে কিছু  তথ্য  যুক্ত করা হয়েছে। 

সোরেন কিয়ের্কেগার্ড (১৮১৩-৫৫) ছিলেন একজন ড্যানিশ দার্শনিক এবং বলা হয় তিনিই অস্তিত্ববাদের 508 more words

উইল হান্টিং

The Crowd is Untruth

anger panic and fear
speed from
stranger to stranger
like flames match-lit
race along fuses
of volatile neurons
to leap across gaps of
magnesium mindlessness… 85 more words


Love as a moral duty

There is a love crisis. Couples striving to be ‘successful’ (whatever that means) barely see each other because they are so busy doing something else. There are forever spinsters and bachelors. 351 more words