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I am reading Walker Percy’s Moviegoer (as my novel as against more philosophical/theological books). So I found this article most interesting:

Living in the Ruins: Walker Percy, Kierkegaard and the Healing of the Modern Self


Being ‘interesting’ is Not an Objective Feature of the World

Lorraine L Besser | Aeon Ideas

Most of us know and value pleasant experiences. We savour the taste of a freshly picked strawberry. We laugh more than an event warrants, just because laughing feels good. 1,093 more words


When Good Ends and Evil Begins

What makes evil, evil? Is it evil to hate a person in my mind? Or if I pretend to love them while secretly hating them? What if I openly hate them? 819 more words


SK and Luther

O, Luther, you had ninety-five theses; in our present situation there is only one thesis: Christianity does not exist at all.

Source: Journals


such breathless haste

up on this peak i’m closer to god and farther from you

works of love
to cheat your
self out
of love is the most terrible… 857 more words

Meet Cixous Mantid

Meet Cixous Mantid the philosophy quoting praying mantis!
Praying Mantis have always fascinated me, and are always welcome in a garden are yard with flowers. Praying Mantis love to hunt aphids near roses. 26 more words


Philosophy as fiction

“For me, philosophy is a way of living and not an academic discipline that requires you to swallow a certain amount of information to pass. Most great novelists are philosophers. 68 more words