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My favorite opening line from a Ray Carver short story reads, “I’ve seen some things.” Winter weary, in mid-February: I’ve heard some things.

A colleague shares a nearly-unbelievable story of her marriage breakup, and I think,  95 more words


Love May Not Be the Answer

More students today visit the counselling center for anxiety than for any other reason. Of late, the unpleasant anxious feeling of worry or dread in the face of life’s possibilities has been treated with medicine, but there remains the question of why we have anxiety, whether there is a way to deal with our anxieties without resorting to drugs, and how me might best understand our anxiety in the first place. 2,806 more words

The end of the book, the end of ourselves

“[W]as it not your bliss that you could never love as you were loved?”

Either/Or, “Ultimatum”

JASON: (Howling) I MADE A MISTAKE! 978 more words

Have a Gold Star for Trying...

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“A human being is a frail creature, it says; it would be unreasonable of God to require the impossible of him. One does what one can…

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Choosing to Believe in the Objectivity of Ethics: Cognitivism from Noncognitivism with Kierkegaard

The ethical position advocated by Judge Wilhelm in “Equilibrium Between the Aesthetic and the Ethical in the Composition of Personality” (Either-Or II) is a peculiar mix of cognitivism and noncognitivism.

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McDonald's is great

Snow day

I was talking to my old friend Thunderclap today and boi did he let the truth fly. Get this, he told me that professional philosophers are rarely if ever significant philosophers. 289 more words


“When I have seen and seen again, observed and observed again, the multiplicity of this world, when I have smile, sighed, flattered, threatened, desired, tempted, laughed, cried, hoped, feared, won, lost–then I fold up the fan, …

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