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Søren Kierkegaard's Existential Hermeneutics


Although widely recognised for his contribution to the fields of Western philosophy and psychology, Denmark’s Søren Kierkegaard was first and foremost a religious author. In this simple truth lies the key to unlocking the underlying convictions of Kierkegaard’s vast corpus. 5,638 more words

Episode 3: What In The Evangelic-hell?

Oh, evangelicals…specifically of the white variety. The blind support of Trump from white evangelicals has brought us to a breaking point, one we should have reached long ago. 183 more words


Definition of a Poet

What is a poet?

A wanderer?

A solitary lake shallow on the edges…deep and vast at the belly of the beast?

A keeper of few within her soul’s home? 104 more words


Kierkegaard, the true granddaddy of modern psychology

I’ve loved Kierkegaard for 2 decades and have managed to read nearly everything he wrote, many two or three times. Yesterday during my second run through of The Concept of Anxiety I was struck by a passage that spells out the task of psychology in a way I’ve never heard it; something that I apparently missed the first time through, which is not entirely surprising. 830 more words


On Becoming a Christian; Knowledge of God; And Analogy in Constructive Engagement with Søren

There is no analogy for God, or “Godness” without God’s graciousness to stoop down to us in our stuttering tongues and depraved hearts, and therein meet us with the possibility to know Him in a corresponding way in and through the analogy and bond of Christ’s faith for us. 1,601 more words

Analogy Of Faith

Bearing Witness to the Living Christ in the Midst of Sin and the World: Against Monasticisms

It does no good to pretend like we aren’t still sinners as Christians; we can’t hide from something that is in our hearts simul justus et peccator. 912 more words