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New Testament

You are too complex to understand yourself.
You are not an atheist in your actions.
You often fail to recognize your own blindness.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. 378 more words


Indirect Communication

Imagine two men sitting beside one another in any kind of solitude of the world. They do not speak with one another, they do not look at one another, not once have they turned to one another. 765 more words

Kierkegaard's Christian World View

Over de woorden 'demonisch' en 'fascistisch'

Technische termen in een onderling samenhangend systeem van concepten mogen exotisch zijn, omdat hun betekenis gebonden is aan de plaats die zij in de systematische gedachtegang hebben. 1,049 more words

Existential Meditations - Standing Against the Self, the Crowd, and the Whore

The glory of Existentialism is the affirmation of the potential of the individual for greatness. That he might stand, the individual must be clearly distinguished from the crowd, the other, and the institution at a theoretical level in order that he might actually stand in a practical life. 1,253 more words


Anxiety and Mediation

“I would not have deprived myself so long of the honour and pleasure of obeying the request of a lady who is the ornament of her sex, in communicating the desired information, if I had not deemed it necessary previously to inform myself thoroughly concerning the subject of your request. 2,639 more words

Kierkegaard's Christian World View

Why Did God Ask Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac? How is that Morally OK?

By: Will Blasingame, Editor

Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? How is it morally acceptable to almost sacrifice your son? And How could Abraham obey so readily? 735 more words


Winter Walking

This week is about to get sit-on-your-hands-at-every-stoplight cold. These are the days that drive us all inside. When you’ve got someplace to be, you shuffle straight from the house to the car and curse the cold as the engine shudders to life. 441 more words