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Philosophy as fiction

“For me, philosophy is a way of living and not an academic discipline that requires you to swallow a certain amount of information to pass. Most great novelists are philosophers. 68 more words


Reading Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling #3–Finished!

I took this picture, a little over four years ago, during my first attempt to read Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling. Last July I began my… 271 more words

What I'm Reading

from SK's Journal

Of what use would it be to me to discover a so-called objective truth, to work through the philosophical systems so that I could, if asked, make critical judgments about them, could point out the fallacies in each system; of what use would it be to me to be able to develop a theory of the state, getting details from various sources and combining them into a whole, and constructing a world I did not live in but merely held up for others to see; of…

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Tasawwuf as Islamic Existentialism: A Meditation

Existence is a strange thing. While it permeates all that is and all that we experience, it eludes our grasp. Existence is the very ground upon which humanity stands and subsists. 1,911 more words


To will oneself free is also to will others free

For a while now I have wanted to write about freedom. Perhaps because I am in a life-situation at the moment, where I have been freed from the traditional duties of a late-modern work-life. 1,010 more words

Thoughts On Life