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Philosophy in the Vineyard

Last winter I found an email in my mailbox with an invitation, out of the blue, to give two lectures in Southern Germany. Near the Bodensee, in a village called Weingarten, which translates as Vineyard. 836 more words

Fear and Trembling by Søren Kierkegaard Panegyric

This section is called a Panegyric . This term is defined as high praise or  a eulogy for someone of great esteem. At such Kierkegaard does just that praising Abraham and the enormity of the task which befell him. 255 more words


Philosophers Discuss Civility: Kierkegaard (pt. 1)

Philosophers Discuss Civility: Kierkegaard



…(I)f individuals relate to an idea merely en masse (consequently without the individual separation of inwardness), we get violence, anarchy, riotousness; but if there is no idea for the individuals… 1,107 more words


Uma lettera para Clara (#31)

Cara Clara

About time I sat down to start these “serious” letters.  I confess I am distracted each day by the avalanche of mostly bad news that greets me in the morning.  1,475 more words

Letteras Para Clara

Isis Has a Perfect Solution for Dissent!

Kierkegaard famously declared, “Purity of heart is to will one thing.”  I understand what this famous philosopher had in mind but he might have appended a caveat, “Don’t forget to use that Shakespearean, ‘pauser reason,’ here and there.”  To illustrate, Isis certainly has “purity of heart” in that they do, “will one thing,” Allah’s will.  494 more words

Republican Party

faith is ...

Faith is namely this paradox that the single individual is higher than the universal.


Not a soul alive or dead has ever deserved love...

“Everyone is deserving of love, but few are capable of finding it”.

I was watching a video essay in which someone uttered this flagrant offence to actual love and became so incensed I had to write down why I find this position a despicable misunderstanding of any meaningful discussion of the concept. 1,888 more words