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Cement plant

35mm film scan (Fomapan 100)
Developed with Rodinal (R09) 1+50 for 9′ 00”

A small abandoned cement distribution plant in Italy.
There was no cement production here but only the mixing phase with sand and small stones for the final blend. 17 more words


Kiev IV

I felt in love with this one ! Found on eBay for the ridicolous price of 30 Euro, it took about one month to be delivered to my home from Ukraina. 79 more words



Marienplatz, Munich (Germany) 2016
35mm film scan (Fomapan 100)

Just some pics from the first film I shoot with a KIEV IV camera I bought on eBay for 30 Euro. 18 more words

35mm Film Scan

Midsummer's eve.

Today we celebrate Midsummer’s eve here in Sweden, a holiday as big as Christmas over here. The traditions go way back and the christian church did of course do what it could to make it a truly christian holiday and one could say they failed miserably :-) They made tomorrow John the Baptist day since it is 6 months before Christmas day so that sort of fits rather well. 1,012 more words

This And That.

I just wish this was over now!

I’m still not especially well to be honest, the coughing has kept me awake most parts of the night and I’ve now seen a lot of night-time tv and I won’t miss that when this finally is over :-) I now also have an aching right foot heel :-) I gave up after waking ap the zillionth time coughing my lungs out and walked downstairs. 695 more words

This And That.

The hero however can be almost evil, we still accept it.

I’m not sure which is worse, the fever with boiling/ freezing periods or the coughing with runny nose :-) I’ve started coughing so bad that every single muscle, even those tiny in the scalp aches after one of those cough attacks and the runny nose isn’t especially fun to have either :-) 278 more words

This And That.

I can't say I was impressed.

I can’t even pretend I was impressed by the Swedish team yesterday but at least they didn’t lose. 1-1 and that’s only because the Irishmen nicked the ball in to their own goal :-) :-) Mostly the Swedish players ran around like chickens with panick attacks :-) I doubt they have any bigger chance to go especially far this year. 118 more words

This And That.