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Turns out it is an old April first joke :-)

The thermometer says we’ve had 14,5C (58,1F) here today but it was quite cold when I drove to work this morning, I had to scrape ice from the car windows. 249 more words

This And That.

For the first time this year.

We had thick fog again this morning but since I start working an hour earlier on Fridays it was just too dark to take any photos.   505 more words

This And That.

So much fog, so little time to use it.

Sorry about not posting anything on Tuesday, I suddenly had lots to do and it lasted til Wednesday too. Now things are back to normal again and I hope it stays that way, I really don’t like unexpected work, to be honest I don’t like expected work that much either :-) 561 more words

This And That.

Today the fog came!

The day has passed relatively  fast even if we painted the things I really don’t like to paint. chemical cabinets. They look just like lockers but are white which makes them harder to paint because of course no metal is allowed to show and white paint is difficult that way. 521 more words

This And That.

Get your motor running

Taiwan 2011.

Kiev-4M, Helios-103 1.8/53. Polypan-F 50 @200.

Black And White