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TNC Is Rampaging Through Dota's Kiev Major

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Image credit: TNC Pro Team

The four-month gap the Boston and Kiev Majors in Dota 2 has been especially vacuous, as precious few tournaments gave fans a chance to gauge each team’s potential headed into today’s Kiev Major group stage play. 609 more words


Who Are These 'New' Dota Teams At The Kiev Major?

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Image credit: Valve, Twitch

The upcoming Kiev Major is one of the most important tournaments of the Dota season, a big tournament in its own right, and an important qualifier for the multi-million dollar The International, Dota’s equal part World Cup and Super Bowl. 458 more words


Consonance Not Happenstance: Shushan

Y’all gotta know about SHUSHAN. It’s been two months since my fashion visit to Kiev (which I’ve already covered for Forbes USA) but I keep thinking about the experience and circling back to this Ukrainian brand. 427 more words

Crossing the border

I’m going to preface this post with a couple quick facts.  Yes, I told my parents everything.  Yes, Russian bureaucracy is how the movies portray it.   1,742 more words

Ranking the Songs of Eurovision 2017! Part 1: 42-32

Get ready folks. In less than a month’s time, the extravagant circus that is the Eurovision Song Contest will be rolling onto television screens across Europe and beyond. 1,481 more words


A busy ten days!

The last ten days have been so busy! I want to catch you up on some of what we have been doing.

Last week, Zsuzsi and I were in Kiev and Rivne, Ukraine. 213 more words