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Freed Ukrainian Pilot Curses at Putin and Walks in Public Fountain

Two weeks ago, The New York Times ran a story about Ukrainian pop-diva Jamala beating her Russian pop-foe during the Eurovision pop-song contest with the song “1944” in which she hinted at the tragic deportation of the Crimean Tartars from Crimea 72 years ago. 1,766 more words

Ten Miles in Kyev, Ukraine

Occasionally you are lucky enough to have one of those momentous, memorable days that you can pull up in detail years later.  When I got up last Friday I did not know that this was going to be “one of those days.”  In fact, as I pulled the hotel room door closed, I did not know it would be fourteen hours before I returned and I would walk 10.8 miles. 1,044 more words

17 dead in fire at unlicensed nursing home in Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine — Seventeen people died after a fire broke out Sunday morning at an illegally-run home for the elderly near Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, officials said. 314 more words


17 dead after fire breaks out at elderly home in Ukraine

KIEV — Seventeen people died after a fire broke out Sunday morning at a home for the elderly near Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

Eighteen people were rescued from the building, with five of them hospitalized with burns. 109 more words


17 people killed in fire at care home for the elderly in Ukraine

Seventeen people have died in a fire at a care home for the elderly in a village in Ukraine.

In the early hours of this morning, the fire broke out in the two-storey building housing 35 people in Kiev, … 160 more words