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Explosive Events in Kiev

by Irina Belachew

In the past few days I’ve been seeing friends, Ukrainians of all political stripes, and of course we discussed the latest events outside the Supreme Rada and the passing of amendments to the constitution. 1,041 more words


News: First ever gig in Ukraine

This evening the band announced that they were going to be playing their first ever gig in Ukraine on 13th December 2015.  It will be at Sentrum, Kiev and… 7 more words


Kiev's Maidan 2.0. Violent clashes in Kiev as Ultra nationalist 'Svoboda' party leader takes part in the violence.

The situation taking place in Kiev was predicted before the fall of the Democratically elected President Yanukovych and the government. The situation is a symptom of a very real problem, the Ukrainian people never really had a say in what direction Ukraine would go it was determined for them years in advance. 307 more words


Kriminella och Handgranater

10 handgranater har sprängts i Malmö och en har kastats mot en Polisbil och reaktionerna från press och politiker har varit måttliga, kanske för att inga dödsoffer har krävts. 165 more words


Nature | Flower's day

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By Escap

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Right Sector Riots in Kiev, Cease Fire Violation and Renewed Bombings by Ukraine Forces in Donbass

A Ukraine police servicemen has been killed and at least 10 injured as a grenade exploded during clashes in front of the parliament in the Ukrainian capital today.  220 more words

The International Reporter

One Dead, 90 Wounded In Ukraine Protests

A Ukrainian national guardsman has been killed, and a further 90 others wounded, following clashes, including throwing of grenades, during protests, in Ukraine. 314 more words