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Casualty of life or love

Guess who got their P’s today? YESSS, that’s right, this girl did! I’m so happy. P’s is the Australian licence which allows people to drive unsupervised aha. 1,004 more words

Is your knife ready for action? Lansky Sharpening Kit says not yet.

This is a great review on the Lansky Professional Sharpening System.  The one system you need!

“Why isn’t this knife getting sharp?” I said out loud to myself in this Military tent!   662 more words


Gerber or SOG?

This is the age old question?    Gerber or SOG?   Read the reviews and you decide….

Without question when I was deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom – The US Military issued me the SOG utility knife to carrier on me.   299 more words


Stop Putting Knives In My Inbox

Oftentimes, the games industy it’s own worst enemy. Look what landed in my inbox today:

Now, imagine you are a parent. For many readers, this will not be a challenging imaginative step, as you are a parent, but still, imagine you are a parent. 603 more words

Games Culture


Settled in on this very cold night cozy under the blankets on my couch watching The Notebook…..LOVE … this is one of my favorite movies and all time favorite romance .It explains life ,endless love devotion what  this couple had to conquer to be able to be together till the end of life… I’m amazed how many marriages do not last anymore how people give up to easily   how we forget love till death do us part. 89 more words

A Student of CSN

Back in the game. with my current mindset I can’t afford to fail. Get those straight A’s.