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#KOTs should first remove the log in their own eyes before they can point fingers at #CNN!

#SomeoneTellKOTs to first remove the log in their own eyes before they can even say #SomeoneTellCNN!
Kenyans were livid and angry towards the CNN because of a CNN reporter who said that US President Barack Obama was coming to Kenya, a country that is “a hotbed of terror”. 773 more words

Case in Point: Radiolab's "Mau Mau" Broadcast

In my immediately preceding post “The War to End All Wars,” I claimed that because of greater transparency about our motives for fighting wars as well as their horrible costs, we may be more open now than earlier to a reexamination of the past with a critical eye. 62 more words


Dear Moses Kuria Hypocrites

It has been astounding to observe the unfolding of the ‘Panga’ story. The condemnation, outrage and criticisms trickled in at first then they came in droves and now the entire nation is awash with rebuke. 207 more words

They Should Have Spared Us Tom Mboya, If Not For The Nation, Then For Luos.

July 5, 1969. A cold Chilly morning, as narrated by Mohammed Amin’s son, in the ‘Man who moved the World’ a sneak into his notes, moves a man to tears. 649 more words


Even in overgrown carparks something good grows. In this case, English Lavender, Soursobs and Kikuyu


The crackdown: Attempts to build a new Kikuyu society provoke a civil war

In a previous post we saw how increasing shortages of land were making life harder for Africans who had no land rights. The development of agriculture, both in the White Highlands and in the reserves, was working to the detriment of Kikuyus who had little or no land of their own.  1,612 more words


Why I Want My Children To Learn Mother Tongue

Each time I encourage my five-year-old son to say a word in vernacular, he giggles in amusement after his halting attempt, and then he exclaims, “Hio inasound funny!” in that Kiswaenglish I frown on. 623 more words