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Is it Tribe or Language?

My girl is leaving,no,not my daughter,the girl who helps me look after my daughter.Very nice girl,dropped out of school in Form.2,but very willing to go back,if only she had the finances.She told me on Sunday,her mother had advised her so because she has been some having back and chest problems. 546 more words


#WhoWeAre - I Pray for Peace

The mother of two who created this piece is an artist. She was born in Nakuru but moved to Lamu where she now lives.

“Everybody has a different thought about the other and about Kenya.

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Garden planning

When last we left the garden, it was pretty much a blank canvas. What a delight! I had a long list of plans in my head even before we moved in, but I wanted to sit and see what I could observe before I did anything permanent. 1,807 more words


What's In A Name? Answer: A Lot Of Things

Once upon a time. A long ass time ago. This one guy named Gikuyu was created by God. God then created a wife for him, Mumbi. 682 more words


#KOTs should first remove the log in their own eyes before they can point fingers at #CNN!

#SomeoneTellKOTs to first remove the log in their own eyes before they can even say #SomeoneTellCNN!
Kenyans were livid and angry towards the CNN because of a CNN reporter who said that US President Barack Obama was coming to Kenya, a country that is “a hotbed of terror”. 773 more words

Case in Point: Radiolab's "Mau Mau" Broadcast

In my immediately preceding post “The War to End All Wars,” I claimed that because of greater transparency about our motives for fighting wars as well as their horrible costs, we may be more open now than earlier to a reexamination of the past with a critical eye. 62 more words