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Who Should The Kikuyus Elect President Based on History

Kikuyu’s History:

2009’s census estimated that the Kikuyu people make up 16.9% of the total population which 539 more words

Furaha Writes

How tribalism has affected development in Kenya

Tribalism in Kenya is not inborn; it cannot be traced to ancient hatreds or warfare from cultures clashing over the ages. The major opposing groups like Luo, Luhya and Kisii of Western Kenya and the GEMA (Kikuyu, Embu and Meru people) from the Mount Kenya area, had little contact with one another before the coming of the colonialists. 389 more words

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LEOPARD AT THE DOOR by Jennifer McVeigh


Jennifer McVeigh (www.jennifermcveigh.com)

Viking (www.penguinrandomhouse.co.uk)


Eighteen-year-old Rachel Fullsmith has returned to Kenya after a six-year exile following the death of her mother. 832 more words

Historical Fiction

Between three cultures

El Camino is a diverse college, where there are students are from Central America, South America and even from Asia.

Just like there is a diverse student body, EC has professors from different countries as well. 538 more words

Where falling fig trees portend political change

When, after hundreds of years of sustaining life all around it, of providing shade in which prayers were chanted and blood was spilt in sacrifice, of binding communities who claimed it a symbol, when —after all these things — a great mugumo dies and crashes to the ground, its death echoes through both ecology and society. 926 more words

The Creation of the African Boogeyman

The setting of this story is in the beautiful Kenyan highlands of the 1950s, where British colonists had fallen in love with a beating sun, fertile earth, and the majestic Mount Kenya at the heart of it all in the 1920s. 1,976 more words

African History

A Christmas Present - In The Lord's Good Time

The week before Christmas, I bought myself a present of 3 female Kunekune piglets, about 12 weeks old, from a breeder down south near Whangarei. 748 more words

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