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Time-Lapse Of A Hawaiian Volcano Will Blow Your Mind

In October, all eyes were on a small town in Hawaii as lava slowly inched its way from Kilauea volcano to the nearby Pahoa town center. 229 more words

Wake Up 2day previews “Kilauea: Facing the Fire”

January 3, 1983, the day Kilauea volcano came alive. Thirty-two years later, the explosive eruptions continue and while Kilauea creates, it also destroys, all while offering something very primal, even pre-historic. 77 more words

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One Last Hurdle to the Top

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be – Einstein

Melodie has one last hurdle to the top, once again, metaphorically, to stand at the rim of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. 523 more words

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NASA robot can explore extraterrestrial volcanoes

The US space agency has developed a robot that is enabling researchers to put together a 3D map of a fissure — a crack that erupts magma — that is now inactive on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. 261 more words


Kapoho - Pahoa

To people of Kapoho and Pahoa, the Hawai’i Herald generously used my story on Madame Pele’s visit to both these towns as their cover story. My open letter to Pahoa, and an excerpt from my Kapoho book may be of interest to you. 18 more words

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