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The next-generation Atlas robot will stack our shelves...and then kill us all

The next-generation Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics has arrived and the video below gives us a great early look at our new robot overlords.

Although it walks like me after a couple of ales, the fact that it can walk outside, un-aided and un-tethered to a power source is both extremely impressive and terrifying. 65 more words


Well now that that is over I face another reminder of mortality in 3 weeks, and a huge Feed

Yep, it is an irony that I get two reminders of “OMG yur gonna DIE!!!” less than a month apart, but my birthday is 3 weeks from today. 1,241 more words

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We have humidity again 104 F index, and the Feed

Yep, it’s 1430 as I write the top paragraph of “this is my situation” before getting to the gritty gore and broken bodies, and the heat index is 104°F with an actual temperature of 90 at the reporting station closest to my house. 1,090 more words

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Waze Users Can Now Be Guided By The Terminator

You know, when I fire up a GPS, the last thing I want to hear is the voice of a robot who wants to kill all humans. 130 more words